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ive had 7 lower back sugerys last one maybe 8 months ago. now

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ive had 7 lower back sugerys last one maybe 8 months ago. now dr. wants to do another. there is a halo like lucency around both l3 pedicle screws suggesting osteolysis ans loosening.
What is your exact question?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the cortex of the L3 superior endplates is disrupted which is further evidence of osteolysis and loosening . do you think i need this sugery or can i live without it


Hi Karen
Thanks for the clarification.
Yes, if the cortex of the endplates is disrupted- It affects the attachment intervertebral device in spinal fusion. The whole thing can fall apart, particularly if there is loosening of the screws.
This can make your back very unstable.
YOu need the surgery.

I hope that this helps.

Please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

you think my whyping my bottom could make this happen bacuse its so hard ti reach abd i bend so far. somethimes i have to take a pain pill before i can go

Unless you are doing a bikram yoga move to wipe your bottom in which you bend over completely backwards, there is no way that normal bowel habits can make this happen. And if it did it means you really need the procedure.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what ismild bilateral facet arthrosis this has been seen in mt last CT why wont my back heal up right

I don't have access to your medical records- so I cannot conjecture on information I don't have. There can be many reasons- genetics, conditioning, previous trauma, previous surgeries, physical therapy, etc.
In answer to you initial question- do you need another procedure? Yes- your back has not healed properly.