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I am wondering when to seek medical attention for hemorrhoid

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I am wondering when to seek medical attention for hemorrhoid pain. I have had hemorrhoids on and off for several years never having pain with the exception of after delivery of my 2 children. I began having pain from hemorrhoids 3 days ago. I am having moderate to severe pain on and off throughout the day and constant mild pain and pressure. I am having referred pain to what I can best describe as the floor of the vaginal cavity. The pain feels just like after I delivered my son after pushing for close to 5 hours! I have been using tucks pads and just started a lidocaine/hydrocortisone gel for the pain today. I have not had any bleeding with the exception of a few small spots on toilet paper. Do I just need to wait this out or should I seek medical evaluation? Thank you!
Thank you for requesting me.

Generally, since you have not had much relief with self-treatment, I would suggest seeing your personal physician or an urgent care clinic at this point.
I'm sorry that you felt that I provided you "poor service" - was there something else that you needed?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

From everything Ive read 1 day of meds and 2 days of home treatment are not typically long enough to seek medical attention, I guess what I am wondering is if the severity of the pain and location of referred pain is cause for concern as I cant find any medical resources discussing this type of pain.

As I originally read your question, it seemed that you had tried the Tucks for several days and the lidocaine/hydrocortisone cream today.

Your description of the pain - similar to when you had been pushing for 5 hours, suggests this is more than just a simple hemorrhoid. You may have a thrombosed hemorrhoid which could be treated by a physician giving you much faster relief.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you

You're welcome.
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