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Last night, my brother and I had pizza, and we left the box

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Last night, my brother and I had pizza, and we left the box unrefrigerated after we finished. 6 hours later, I ate some of the bleu cheese dressing; not a huge amount, but more than a little.

Two hours later, I was awoken by the act of vomiting, and had to cough violently to clear my throat. It appeared the bleu cheese was what I threw up. I got very little sleep, and since then, I have a minor headache, minor stomach cramps, and a slightly elevated (between 98.7 - 99.2) temperature, but not much else.

Could these all be related to a minor bout of food poisoning? I have a doctor but don't plan to go unless these symptoms get worse over the next few days.
Hi--was the dressing from an unopened bottle, or, if not, had it been refrigerated? Your brother was fine from just eating the pizza?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It was from an individual package that had been refrigerated. However, after we opened it, we left it sitting unrefrigerated on the living room table for 6 hours or so instead of throwing it away. At this point, I ate some more from the container that had sat out, and two hours later, I got sick with a small amount of vomit.

OK. There isn't any danger than of bacterial contamination like botulism, E. coli, or salmonella then. From what you've told me, I think this is going to be a short lived experience and it may be that the symptoms are not from either the pizza or the dressing--could just be a stomach virus that you coincidentally got at the same time as the eating. For now, no need to see a doctor unless this continues more than another day or two or if you start to run a high fever or have significant diarrhea.
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