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I have a friend in a Specialty Hospital, and I went to see

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I have a friend in a Specialty Hospital, and I went to see her, I had a gift for her, and it was some lotion. she asked me to put some on her. which I did on the top of her hand. When the nurse came in, she said that If I needed to touch her bed or her, I should put on a gown and gloves. And I asked her why. she said that there were some contact precautions on the side of the door as you come in. But when I came in, there was a big cart infront of the sign.
I told the nurse, that I had touched her hand, and she said to wash my hands with soap and water which I did. I did aske her would I be infected, she said that as long as I had washed my hands and hadn't touched anything else it was oK. I didn't touch anything else. but I am now concerned about all of this. I came home and have washed my hand and put some alcohol on it. there is no open wounds on my hands or on the top of her hands. Hcw concerned should I be? Should I call my Dr? and alert him, and why, if visitors are permitted openly there are not enough precautions so any of this couldn't happen?
Hi--it sounds as though the precautions were because she had a MRSA infection, and staph is only transmitted by touch--skin to skin, object to skin, etc. Since your washed your hands--more than once--you basically washed off any bacteria that by chance you came in contact with, so basically you have nothing to worry about but if you're still concerned, call your doctor. I'm sure he'll tell you the same thing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How long should I be concerned and what symptons, if any should I be aware of, and yes, I will continue to wash my hands today will this help?

You really don't need to be concerned at all. If you begin to develop a pimple-like lesion on the skin then that might be a sign of MRSA. You really don't need to wash your hands again.
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