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was in a position yesterday where I had to hold something up

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was in a position yesterday where I had to hold something up for a while, when I brought my left arm down it felt like it had gone to sleep, 24 hours on and the arm still feels that way, there is no pain just numbness down my arm and thumb...And the arm itself feels very weak I cant lift it up it cant hold its own weight..could this be a pinched nerve in the shoulder.. I seen a gp today doc said get an ultrasound and xray because the muscle could be damaged but it does not feel that way with no pain..


Associated neck stiffness?

History of prolonged hours of computer use,heavy weight lifting?

Numbness in other fingers?

Any other medical illness?

Are you taking any medicines?

Have you undergone X-ray?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been going to the gym lately and lifting heavy weights but have never felt any injury there!! im very active and play a lot of sport, there are no medicines, no neck stiffness no medical illness..xray not done yet the doctor was not very helpful could not explain any possibilities as to what the injury may be or how long it would last.... im a bricklayer by trade and really need that arm to work properly numbness in other fingers


Thanks for providing more information.

As per your description,Nerve impingement at it's path can be possible cause in your case.

If you have swelling,redness on arm then muscle injury should be ruled out.

And you need to be seen by an Orthopedist for a clinical exam.

You should do gentle massage with topical analgesic ointment containing Diclofenac sodium and apply warm compresses.

Advil/Motrin can be helpful.

You should avoid weight lifting and gym exercises for a while.

Avoid activities that require you to keep your arm bent for long periods of time.
Keep your elbow straight at night when you are sleeping. This can be done by wrapping a towel around your straight elbow or wearing an elbow pad backwards.

X-ray/MRI can be done if your symptoms get worse over the time.


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