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Dr. R. Bora
Dr. R. Bora, Doctor
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Experience:  14 years experience in the emergency room.
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I am an avid competitive runner. However over the last 2 days

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I am an avid competitive runner. However over the last 2 days I have been extremely fatigued to the point where just walking for a little while exhausts me. Even now as I type this I am nodding off. I also have been having rather shortened and shallow breathing which causes me to have to force myself to take in a deeper breath every few minutes. This first manifested itself a couple nights ago when, laying on my back, right before I would fall asleep my heart seemed to skip a beat jolting me back awake and forcing me to take a deep breath. It is worse when I lay on my side, but even sitting here typing this I notice my breathing is more shallow than usually and I have to take a deep breath regularly
All this combined with my stressful job and corresponding shift work hours and lack of sleep has caused me to be anxious about what this could be. The scenarios from exercise induced asthma to spring allergies to cancer to panic attacks have ran through my brain, but even as I type this up I am nodding off and forcing myself to breath in deeply every few breaths as the breaths I take in between seem abnormally shallow . I am quite concerned. Did I just over exert myself on a long run 3 days ago or is this signs of something worse.

Dr. R. Bora : Hello and welcome, I am happy to help you today.
Customer: hello
Dr. R. Bora : Do you feel out of breath even at rest?
Customer: Yes. Which is unusual for me as I am very 'fit'.
Dr. R. Bora : Have you been through panic attacks lately?
Customer: I also have had a little pain on my right side from my back ton my groin when I walk or stand sometimes, but not when I am running which is odd
Customer: I don't know what constitutes that panic attacks
Dr. R. Bora : Yeah, that is odd.
Customer: I am highly stressed from my job and lack of sleep and odd hours
Customer: but I don't know if that is a panic attack
Dr. R. Bora : The chances of panic is likely but you still need a clinical examination with your GP.
Customer: I had thought it would perhaps be over exertion from my training or even running since it is spring time but I am still tired today 3 days later
Dr. R. Bora : Few blood tests like cell count, hemoglobin is also necessitated.
Dr. R. Bora : Low hemoglobin including iron deficiency anemia can also cause tiredness.
Dr. R. Bora : So, getting preliminary tests done is advisable.
Customer: I would never think I would have iron deficiency as I take multi vitamins and other supplements but maybe the hard running has caused it
Customer: I have an appt with my GP monday but it was bothering me too much to wait since all of the worst case scenarious are going through my mind
Dr. R. Bora : I understand.Iron deficiency is one possibility, though more common in females but low hemoglobin is still a possibility.
Dr. R. Bora : The skipping of heart beats known as ectopic heart beat is common.
Customer: Even if there isn't a history of that? I had blood work done about 7 months ago and everything was normal for my age group except my protein levels in the kidneys were a little high so I stopped my extra protein supplementation
Dr. R. Bora : Alright. Stress is one factor causing ectopic beat but you need to exclude heart diseases bu getting an EKG done.
Customer: even at 33? I guess it's better to do that to be safe
Dr. R. Bora : Yes, i believe so.
Customer: It's just the worst case scenarios run through my head like lymphoma god forbid or other cancers..but that's probably where the panic attacks set in
Customer: Stress and lack of sleep can be hell on the body and mind I suppose
Dr. R. Bora : Also try to cut out the stress from your job.Focus on yoga for mental relaxation.
Dr. R. Bora : Lymphoma is a far possibility as you do not have fever or lymph nodes.
Customer: No fever or other illness. Not really nauseous or sick to my stomach. just tired
Dr. R. Bora : That sounds good.
Customer: ok I
Dr. R. Bora : Take your daily dose of vitamins though.
Dr. R. Bora : I hope my answer has helped you.Please remember to rate my service positive once you have all the information you need. If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond. Thank you!
Customer: I'll just defer to my General Prac. on Monday when I go ini. Thank you for your time
Dr. R. Bora and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
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Bye. Have a good day ahead and take care!