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Dr. German
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so, ive been having this headache on and off for over two

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so, i've been having this headache on and off for over two weeks now. the headache is mostly in the forehead, although, sometimes it does move to the top of my head. also, my shoulders are very tense. i thought that i was stressed because learned of some disturbing news about an acquaintance having to do with brain, but i thought that i was over it. so, now i get up every morning and i check if i have a headache. so, naturally, i thought that something is wrong with my brain to the point of obsession and went to dr. dr. just thought that i was stressed, but said that i could have a scan anyway if i wanted to. being that i was so paranoid, i had mri and it was fine. but, i still have headache in my forehead and now i think that mri missed something. o yes, and if i drink wine, it goes away, but then it comes back again.

Welcome and thanks for your question I am Dr. German I would be here to help you and give you assistance until you are satisfied, if the MRI was completely normal ,that basically rules out three things that worry most people : a brain mass , an ischemic event ( in which the brain blood flow decreases suddenly and intensely ) or an aneurysm ( which is an enlarged brain blood vessel that could compress adjacent structures producing headaches). So that is a good thing ,we know you do not have any of these conditions.



At your age , most headaches are caused by : tension or stress ( called tensional headaches in which the scalp and neck muscles suddenly contract ) or migraines ( which are caused by an abnormal brain activity and an irregular brain blood flow ). The advantage with these conditions is that they are manageable and perfectly treatable .




There are other conditions that could produce similar symptoms and should be investigated including : cluster headaches ( produced by the sudden release of serotonin or histamine), high blood pressure or sinusitis ( in these conditions,the air filled cavities that surround the nasal cavity become swollen or inflamed ).




In my opinion , you are probably stressing out and over thinking about something that is not there specially with a normal MRI .




What you could do ,in the meantime ,is taking over the counter pain medication like acetaminophen to alleviate these headaches ,place a cool cloth on the forehead and over your eyes and try to lay down until the pain goes away in a low lit room . There are some natural remedies you could try to alleviate these headaches including an herb called feverfew which you can get over the counter in a natural product store .



If the headaches do not improve or go away , You should consult a Neurologist for a further medical evaluation. But right now , that is not necessary.





If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied .



Good luck to you and have a good day ! When we finish our conversation if you like the answer ,please click accept so I can get credit for my work.

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