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I inadvertently took 5200 mg of Acetomeniphen several weeks

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I inadvertently took 5200 mg of Acetomeniphen several weeks ago, didn't realize it at the time. Five days ago I had blood work come back with an elevated Alt of 180.I forget what my ast was but everything else was normal. The bigger problem is that same day I had taken the same overdose of 5200 mg. I didn't put it all together until now. I had no idea that it could cause hepatic failure. I have no symptoms and it's five days out. What should I do?

911Doctor :

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911Doctor :

Luckily you appear to have taken less than the commonly accepted critical overdose level of 7000mg. And, if you took the 5200mg separated into different doses the danger is less.

911Doctor :


911Doctor :

liver toxicity and death from Tylenol poisoning occurs rather quickly... in the span of 48-96 hours

911Doctor :


911Doctor :

if you are feeling well today and do not have jaundice or nausea or pain in your right upper abdomen

911Doctor :

you do not need to do anything EXCEPT take only the recommended dose of Tylenol in the future.

911Doctor :

I do not see you in the chat. I am going to switch to the Q and A format to facilitate this discussion. If your question has been adequately answered I do so appreciate positive feedback. If you have further questions or desire clarification simply type your response in the box below and click ‘reply’ and I will be back with you as soon as I can.

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911Doctor :

ah, there you are...

911Doctor :

standing by....

Customer: So the elevated alt from my bloodwork indicates some reaction to the tylenol. And then I did it again. Are these elevations considered mild? I know from reading today that enzymes can elevate from even the standard recommended max dose.
911Doctor :

yes ma'am, these are mild elevations and by themselves nothing to be concerned about.

Customer: OK, I'm relieved. Thank you. I am to have my enzymes repeated in three weeks. I can't believe they put that much APAP in Arthritis Formula! I'm also astounded that I didn't read the dosage or know the dangerous levels. Thanks again.
911Doctor :

you are most welcome. do you have any final questions for me?

Customer: No I believe that is all.
Customer: Wait I did vomit one night after the first episode. But that was two weeks ago.
911Doctor :

I'm sorry you vomited but it is of no bearing going forward.

911Doctor :

anything else?

Customer: Perfect.
911Doctor :


911Doctor :

Thank you so much for your question. It was a pleasure talking with you. Should you need my assistance in the future simply start your question with ‘for 911doc only’.

Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Be Well


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