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I had a hysterectomy 40 years ago, bladder & rectum have both

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I had a hysterectomy 40 years ago, bladder & rectum have both 'fallen down' result leaks from both. Had a Pessa fitted, then sunder a continence nurse did exercises & things. improved. Saw gyn again for 6 monly check up, fitted with larger Pessa as the first one kept moving & I had to be it back. Since larger Pessa fitted have problems doing exercises & have occassional slight leaks. At 80 I do not want an operstion.

Welcome and thanks for your question , I am Dr. German and I look forward to helping you until you are satisfied , the main problem when they place a pessary ,it is that sometimes they are too big or too small .



If this pessary is giving you problems and there are occasional leaks , this pessary is too big for you. It could take some time to find the right pessary for you ,this is basically a trial and error process ,for some women they find the right pessary in the first appointment , in other cases ,it could take 1- 3 appointments .




You should go back to your doctor to report what is happening and try other type of pessary.



The other problem in your case ,is that after you have an hysterectomy ,the vaginal walls are not held in place or have that extra support the cervix and the uterus muscles provide ,making even more difficult for the vaginal walls to hold and maintain the pessary in the right position.



If you do not want surgery ,there are other alternatives you could try from learning to perform pelvic exercises and bladder training to strengthen your pelvic muscles,placing an electric device that will send regulated signals to control and regulate your leaking bladder and bowel muscles or medications like Detrol and Sanctura among others ( these are antimuscarinic drugs that inhibit or decrease your bladder and bowel muscle contraction and leakage ).




You should speak with your doctor about these alternatives to see which could work best for you and your lifestyle.




If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !




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