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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Just got my results back from a Life Insurance screening. Several

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Just got my results back from a Life Insurance screening. Several tests showed results outside the normal ranges.

ALT -62
Protein -45
White blood cells-10

What does this point to? Kidney disease? Should I be worried?

Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

Welcome to Just Answer.

Dr. Saha :

Please write the reference range of protein, white blood cells of the lab.

Dr. Saha :

Is it total protein? Did they test albumin, globulin etc.?

Dr. Saha :

Please enter your reply.

Dr. Saha :

Do you take alcohol?

Dr. Saha :

High level of ALT, GGT is found in liver diseases.

Dr. Saha :

Liver conditions like hepatitis, cirrhosis,can raise the level.

Dr. Saha :

Alcohol, medicines can increase ALT level.

Dr. Saha :

Your levels are mildly elevated.

Dr. Saha :

If you take alcohol, I would advise to withhold it.

Dr. Saha :

Your doctor can suggest to take repeat tests after a few weeks to see whether they have come down to normal.

Dr. Saha :

He can also suggest tests like ultrasound to see the condition of the liver.

Customer: I rarely drink. It had been almost a week since I had consumed alcohol.
Dr. Saha :

Do you have any symptom?

Customer: ALT -62 range is 0-45. GGT-131 range 0-65. Protein -45 range 0-30. White blood cells-10 range 0-9.
Customer: and no other symptoms.
Dr. Saha :

Can you write the units used for protein & white blood cells? Was it an urine test?

Dr. Saha :

Are you there?

Customer: Alt and GGT were from blood analysis
Customer: white blood was measured hpf
Dr. Saha :

Yes, those are from blood tests.

Customer: protein mg%
Customer: The others were urine. Sorry.
Dr. Saha :

hpf is high power field.

Dr. Saha :

Now it is clear.

Dr. Saha :
Higher levels of protein & white blood cells in urine can come from an infection or inflammation.


Dr. Saha :

Doctor can take a few more tests like urine culture.

Dr. Saha :

Did you have blood urea, creatinine levels?

Customer: Creatine 1.0 mg/dl
Customer: That was from blood test.
Dr. Saha :

1.0 mg/ dl is normal.

Dr. Saha :

In kidney disease its level can be raised.

Customer: Urine test: 136.7 but that's also listed in the normal range.
Dr. Saha :

Please write in full.

Customer: That was creatine results from the urine analysis. 136.7 mg/dl
Dr. Saha :

It is in the normal range.

Dr. Saha :

You need not to worry about it but you need to follow up with doctor.

Customer: That's what I needed to know. Thank you for your help. I needed to hear I didn't need to worry.
Dr. Saha :

You are always welcome.

Dr. Saha :
If you are satisfied, please leave an excellent rating.

Good luck.

Dr. Saha :
If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know
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