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I had a very bad sore throat in January and the doctor prescribed

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I had a very bad sore throat in January and the doctor prescribed me 20 pills of clarithromycin 500 mg. But he told me to take one a day for 10 days.

So I have 10 pills left.

A few days ago I started getting a mild sore throat, but today my head is foggy, I have a stopped up nose, I've done some shallow coughing, and I'm getting a mild headache and I think a fever too (and the mild sore throat).

I'm thinking about taking these last 10 pills, one a day, instead of going back to the doctor.

I can only imagine any student of medicine is going to advise against it. I just want to know if there is any danger/risk to taking these pills (they haven't expired) or if they'll still have an effect since I took them fairly recently, etc. Any advice as you see appropriate.
Hi--as you alluded to, one should never diagnose and treat oneself, even if one is a doctor (there's the old refrain that the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient). No danger or risk for you to take the antibiotic again but I usually don't prescribe antibiotics for your type of symptoms unless they last at least five days or longer since oftentimes this clears up on its own. I'd just suggest you wait a few days before you decide you may need the antibiotics here.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Assuming I don't take the medicine, I do have a follow-up question.


My wife and daughter (8 months old) are in Florida and I'm scheduled to fly down Friday evening to see them. I don't want to endanger my daughter. What should be the criteria for deciding to go or not?

I've heard if you're not feverish, you're not contagious, but I really do not want to be responsible for making my daughter sick at her young age.



OK--basically this could be the flu and for that once there is no fever you aren't contagious and you may just not have gotten the fever as yet. That said, if by chance it isn't the flu, so long as you wash your hands frequently and not physically touch your daughter, even if your feverish, you won't spread anything to her.

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