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I suffered a DVT in my right leg two and a half years ago.

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I suffered a DVT in my right leg two and a half years ago. Fortunately it was diagnosed promptly and warfarin prescribed and was effective.

I now have frequent burning sensations in most of the leg, (and occasionally some stiffness). Is this normal post-DVT symptom? Should I be concerned?
Hi--how long have you been off the warfarin and did you have a later ultrasound or venogram to see if the clot had resolved? Where is the burning sensation exactly and any leg swelling?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been off the warfarin from approximately six months after the DVT. I had a later ultrasound which showed that the clot had been resolved. The burning sensation is principally between the knee and ankle, on the outer side of the leg. I have no leg swelling.

OK--first off this doesn't sound like another DVT and it isn't related to the one you had. This symptom is seen with a nerve problem--perhaps a pinched nerve at the knee level or in your lumbar spine. I suggest you have your doctor take a look at this and I would get an MRI of the knee and the lumbar spine to see where exactly the nerve is being compressed
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Many thanks! A relief to hear that you think that it not another DVT.