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I have had a lot of stress lately due to work and a good friend

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I have had a lot of stress lately due to work and a good friend that died of breast cancer at the age of 31 a couple of weeks ago. I am only 32. I have a husband and 2 year old son.

A month ago I found some breast lumps. I went to my General Practice doctor and he sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound right away. Fortunately, the results came back normal and I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts. No bumps to worry about.

My health concern is a lump I found in my neck while being worried about all the breast stuff. It is located on the right side of my neck. It is not on my thyroid, but to the side of it, closer to my jaw bone than my collar bone. I went to my General Practice doctor to check this out as well. He felt it and told me it was a lymph node less than 1 cm. (To me it feels like the size of a pinto bean). It moves around (I cannot feel one on the left side). It is soft. My doctor said it is of no concern and that I am stressing unnecessarily. I am very confident in my doctor and he was very thorough about the breast issues. I was wondering why he wouldn't send this for ultrasound as well. Is it normal to have a lymph node that moves around on one side of the neck but not on the other?

I was sick about a month ago with a bad cold and had a cold sore from that. However, I think that was too long ago to be related. I have been searching the Internet, and I do not have any other symptoms like night sweats, fatigue, fever, weight loss, etc. My friends and family say I am making a mountain out of this because I am stressed out and my friend died recently. It has really been on my mind though. Am I worrying without cause? What should my next steps be?
Welcome to Justanswer website.
Myself Dr Josh and I’m happy to help with your question today. I am sorry to hear about loss of your friend.
Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.

Did lump in neck appeared after cold sore?
Is it painful to touch?
Are you on any medications?
Any other health or medical problems ?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Dr. Josh,


Thank you for the kind words about my friend.


I am not sure when the lump appeared. I had the cold sore 3-4 weeks ago and noticed the lump about 2 weeks ago. I only found the lump after prodding my neck looking for something. It may have been there before.


It is not painful to touch.


I am on a low doasge birth control pill. A generic 28 day called Leena.


I dealt with high blood pressure during the last trimester of my pregnancy, and have had an elevated blood pressure recently. 135/80.


I hope that answers it all. No other medical concerns. I work out 4-6 times per week and eat pretty healthy.


Thanks, Kim

Thanks for all these additional details.I am sorry to hear about your problems. I understand your stressful situation, and also fear for getting serious issue like cancer.

I can understand fear for breast cancer or any other serious issue.
It is normal to have lymph nodes of size less than 1 cm to be felt at neck. Common cold and common viral infections, may be the most likely cause for swollen lymph nodes in neck.
After cold sore, such lymph nodes may get enlarged.

It is good to hear that you had already gone for mammogram and ultrasound, It is also completely normal and quite common to have Fibrocystic breast, Such changes do not increase your risk of breast cancer. Please don't take stress.

Honestly speaking, I would not panic for serious issue like cancer. Please don’t take stress for any serious issue.

Usually such lymph node swelling would get resolve by its own 1-2 months.
Practice yoga and meditation for relaxation, Deep breathing exercises will help you. You should maintain a good friend circle, and have a social healthy chat with them. Keep yourself busy in your hobbies.

Please don't take stress for serious issue. You are absolutely healthy.

If there’s more I can do, please use the reply tab and let me know how I can be of further assistance.
It’s my goal to provide you with excellent service. Please rate me highly and provide me with feedback. Leaving a Bonus will be highly appreciated.

Dr. Josh and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Josh!

Kimberly, Most Welcome and Thanks for words of appreciation.

I wish for your good health.
God Bless you and Take care.