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22 year old nurse ; trace bilirubin in urine; and slightly

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22 year old nurse ; trace bilirubin in urine; and slightly elevated liver function test. Feeling dehydrated, fears Hepatitus C.

Any advise on what this really may mean?
Thank you for your question:

How long have you had these symptoms?

Have you had a test for hepatitis?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, have not had the test. Symptoms...

frequent thirst,urination, low specific gravity, glucose is normal (not diabetic). Occassional dizziness...feels like passing out (but doesn't). Not jaundiced; no upper quadrant pain.


Was on 12 hour night shift (7PM-7am) for three months....which was symptoms showed up.

Are you taking any medications?

Is there a particular reason why you are worried that this is caused by hepatitis?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No medications. Just the fact that she is a healthcare worker and her elevated liver function and bilirubin in urine scared her. She does not drink or take tylenol .. very healthy. Could this be a gall bladder issue? She doesn't eat fried foods because it makes her nauseous... and she went gluten free three months ago on a hunch that she needed to.

A trace of bilirubin in urine does not necessarily have any medical significance.

There are a number of things that could cause these various symptoms. Gallbladder problems and hepatitis as you suggested might explain the liver function test and urine bilirubin.

The low specific gravity would be expected considering her intake of fluids related to being thirsty.

Unfortunately, trying to narrow the list of possible causes over the internet is unlikely to be very effective. She needs to make an appointment with her primary care physician for a good history and physical examination and some simple tests including a hepatitis C antibody test to exclude this diagnosis.
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