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I am very week with a bad stomach pain and the pain just stays

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I am very week with a bad stomach pain and the pain just stays with me in the lower abdomin, I threw up this morning only once and have been back and forth to the bath room with the run offs. I forced myself to eat a slice of bread about 6:00pm and drink alittle bit of water. I have cold chills and have been laying in bed all day. Any suggestion what might be wrong with me.

Welcome to Just Answer.

How many time times did you pass stool and urine?

How is abdominal pain now?

When did the pain start?

Did you try any medicine?

Is there any previous disease?

Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

all day long today about started at 9:30 am going back and forth to pass stool. did not even think about taking any medicine cause i did not want to throw up again. no disease only i have emphasyma and it makes it hard to breath but bearable

Thank you for the information,

From the description of symptoms it appears that you are having an intestinal infection.

Commonly it is viral.

Viral diarrhea which is commoner usually gets better by 3-5 days.

Pepto bismol can help in nausea, abdominal pain.

Ginger ale can help in nausea.

As you have passed several bowel movement, there can be dehydration causing weakness.

You need to take more fluid.

Take adequate fluid, oral rehydration solution to keep good hydration.

Try to take fluid in sips.

Check urine output.

If the urine is low and can not take more fluid, then you should go to hospital for assessment.

Doctor can start intravenous fluid.

Rice, banana, toast, bland diet can be taken.

Sometimes, bacterial super infection can occur during post viral period.

In that case, start of antibiotic will reduce the symptoms.

A stool analysis and appropriate treatment will be needed if the symptoms continue.

I will be happy to assist, if you need any further clarification.

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