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Female- 23yrs oldexperiencingSymptoms - Heart skipping

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Female- 23yrs old experiencing Symptoms - Heart skipping a beat Its been happening on and off for 6 months it can go months without bothering me. most recently i have been experiencing this sensation daily which lasts from a few seconds to prolonged lengths such as half an hour. I have no chest pain I have had an EKG which showed a small off beat. my doctor has told me its sinus arrythmia but wanted a second opinion, as i am very concerned


im currently taking: lanzoprazole and sabutamol

Welcome and thanks for your question , I understand that you could feel anxious about this .

However , most cases of sinus arrhythmias are harmless and they not affect the ability of your heart to pump blood properly or effectively .

In most cases , if these skipped heartbeats occur only from time to time and not on a daily basis ,they are not dangerous .

The skipped heartbeats that need a further medical evaluation have certain characteristics :

1- They occur frequently ( almost everyday ) not sporadically .
2-You will have additional symptoms like dizziness, breathing difficulty , fainting and /or chest pain.
3-If there is a medical history of heart disease in your family

There are things you should avoid specially if you have noticed they trigger your symptoms like : anxious or stressful events or some stimulants like caffeine ,nicotine ,carbonated beverages and cold medicines .

If you are still worried , You could consult other doctor to have a second electrocardiogram to be 100 % everything is fine and to have peace of mind .

But in my opinion , there is no need for you to worry about this ,specially with your symptoms .

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