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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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I have fishy smelling urine for about three months now. I recently

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I have fishy smelling urine for about three months now. I recently had flu and mentioned to the doctor- he found white blood cells in my urine. I am also constantly sick.
This has been since working on Staten Island for hurricane clean up. Constantly surrounded by filth, mold and contaminated water. Could this be related?
I did not have BV or anything else when I tested

Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

Welcome to Just Answer.

Dr. Saha :

When did you have the urine test?

Customer: About three weeks ago
Dr. Saha :

Did you have urine culture?

Customer: I've been sick a lot in the last six months. Colds, coughs, flu. I have awful periods and very painful sex. I was scanned and it was heamoraggic corpus luteum
Customer: He just did a dip test with paper
Dr. Saha :

Did doctor prescribe any medicine for it?

Customer: No. I had flu at the time so just tamiflu. The clinic gave me an antibiotic incase it was chlamydia, but everything was clear
Customer: I
Dr. Saha :

I would advise to have an urine culture.

Customer: oftenI often can't hold it when I need to urinate
Dr. Saha :

Urine infection can cause bad odor.

Customer: What does that invlove?
Dr. Saha :

It can cause urgency as you can not hold it.

Customer: The culture?
Customer: And is it simply treated with antibiotics?
Dr. Saha :

Culture involves collecting urine in a sterile container.

Dr. Saha :

Then a specimen is grown in culture medium in the lab.

Dr. Saha :

This helps to detect the type of bacteria.

Customer: Ok. And sex being very painful- can that be involved? That's been for a long time. The right is always swollen and around my period and very swollen and painful during
Dr. Saha :

This also helps to detect the antibiotic or medicine suitable to treat it.

Dr. Saha :

Please write where do the swelling develop during period.

Customer: The right side of groin over the ovary area I guess
Customer: Very painful and incredibly heavy
Dr. Saha :

Did you get the swelling checked by doctor?

Customer: I
Customer: i had a scan in June
Customer: Just the corps luteum I think. They didn't call me and so nothing must've shown
Dr. Saha :

Swelling during period can occur from congestion. There can be an inflammation or infection. Endometriosis needs to be checked for.

Dr. Saha :

An infection or inflammation can cause painful sex.

Customer: I'm extremely concerned as I'm sick all the time. I'm 5ft 120lbs and have good lifestyle
Dr. Saha :

Please take an urine culture as I suggested. You can discuss it with your doctor.

Customer: Ok. Could the urine infection be related to contamination, working on hurricane relief in filth?
Dr. Saha :

Contaminated water or filth coming in contact with the opening of urethra can predispose to infection.

Dr. Saha :

Bacteria then ascend the urethra towards bladder.

Dr. Saha :

If you have any further query, please feel free to ask.

Customer: I obviously am concerned about my reproductive system at my age with pain and constant sickness, but a scan would've picked up anything ominous. Should I get blood tests too?
Dr. Saha :

In case of urinary tract infection or to prevent it we advise to take shower & not to use bath tub.

Dr. Saha :

A ominous tumor or growth or cyst can be picked up by scan.

Dr. Saha :

When your scan did not show any such thing, you should not worry.

Dr. Saha :

But infection may not be picked up by scan. You will need urine tests, blood counts etc.

Dr. Saha :

Do you have any further query? Please let me know.

Customer: Scan only found inflammation and the heamoraggic corpus luteum
Dr. Saha :

Those would subside. It is not a tumor.

Customer: I think I will take bloods as precaution. Two of my friends had cancer already, under 30 and both were very sickly all the time.
Dr. Saha :

You can take blood tests as a precaution.

Customer: Ok. Thank you for your time
Dr. Saha :
You are always welcome.

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