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I am taking Celebrex for knee pain and back pain...and it has

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I am taking Celebrex for knee pain and back pain...and it has helped alot! I've never had trouble with my BP before but now I am having high BP....also I am having numbness and tingling in fingers...should I stop taking this medician and if so what else can I take for the pain ...
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Celebrex contains Celecoxib, It belongs to COX-2 selective NSAIDs group and is a popular medicine used to treat joint pain.
This medication has been reported to cause high blood pressure in few users. However numbness and tingling in fingers doesn't looks to be related with with celebrex.

This can be due to any of these underlying medical condition-
-Irritation or disease of the nerves (neuropathy)
-Nutritional disorders (like B12 deficiency)
-Hormonal disorders such as thyroid disease
-Blood sugar disorder.

You should apply ice to the affected knee and back for 20 minutes two or three times a day this will decrease inflammation and pain. There are range of motion exercises, which can be used as an attempt to increase flexibility. Physical therapy would also be helpful.
Warm baths with massage will also be helpful. You should compress the joint using an elastic wrap. You can use Capsaicin Cream, for local application on affected area. It work by decreasing the amount of pain transmitting chemical from the nerve cells in the area where you are experiencing your pain.
Yes, your doctor may stop celebrex, as this has raised your blood pressure levels. Kindly follow these measures, and make an appointment with your doctor for evaluation and get it managed.

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