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Dr. David
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I have been dx with cystic kidney disease and am awaiting test

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I have been dx with cystic kidney disease and am awaiting test results from my nephrologist and had results sent to me as well. I am 50 with recurrent blood in urine for at least 20 years, with no known cause. Cysto's IVP all clear. Latest test show glucose of 113 egfr >60, HGB 15.1 VitD 25 OH 15.l HBsab 0.42, IgE totals of 25.5 with U24 Calcium 370 and below detectable limits for U24 Protine. No stones on CAT, No food allergies. BUN Normal Creatinine 0.71, 0.71 - normal. What could these results mean?

Dr. David :

Hello. Thank you for your question. I would be happy to help you interpret your test results. Glucose 113 could be considered elevated if this was a fasting blood test, i.e. no food for 8 to 12 hours before the blood was drawn, otherwise it could be considered normal, eGFR > 60 is considered normal. HGB 15.1 is considered normal. Vitamin D (25 OH) of 15 is considered low, which can indicate a Vitamin D deficiency. HBsab of 0.42 seems like a negative for hepatitis B. IgE total of 25.5 seems normal. U24 Calcium 370 seems about normal. U24 Protein undetectable seems normal. Overall, the most significant result is the low Vitamin D level. Dr. David

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr. David,


The lab listed the above results as abnormal. No fasting for any test.

Does the egfr >60 relate to kidney function or stage of ckd?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Karen,

Different laboratories have different reference ranges. Sometimes a value is just outside of the normal range and it is labeled as abnormal, though it is close enough to the normal range not to present a big problem.

If there was no fasting, then the Glucose of 113 can be considered normal depending on the timing of your last meal prior to the blood test.

The eGFR > 60 is related to kidney function. It is only an estimate however and is used as a screening test. Some tests use a reference range where eGFR > 90 is considered normal. However, an eGFR > 60 is close enough to normal that it does not indicate any particular kidney problem.

Laboratory test results must be interpreted in regard to other factors such as medical history, prior test results, and physical examination. From what you have told me, it seems like there are no big problems with your test results other that the low Vitamin D level. You will need to speak with your doctor for the final word however.

Dr. David

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