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I have discovered a lump between left thumb and first finger,

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I have discovered a lump between left thumb and first finger, closer to thumb about 1/4 inch. There is no discomfort. What could it be, who should I have check it??

Welcome and thanks for your question , in most cases, these lumps are ganglion cysts which are small sacs or pouches that contain liquid fluid inside or inclusion cysts ( these ones are result of a previous traumatic event ) .




However , there are other possibilities including the presence of tendon sheath masses, bone spurs ( product of degenerative bone conditions like osteoarthritis in which the joints suffer a wear and tear process ) , bone overgrowth areas or an enchondroma ( this is a benign mass formed by cartilage tissue that grows inside the bone ) .



All these conditions are completely benign and can be treated with minimal surgery to remove the mass. You should consult a General Surgeon to evaluate you and treat you.





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