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I always had irregular periods so i dont know how it work.

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I always had irregular periods so i dont know how it work. I would like to know if i sleep all day would my period still come on? For example on wednesday i sleep all day but i got up to use the restroom and i see pink on my tissue paper then i went back to sleep but that night it was on full, i want to know if that was my first day of my period or is it the next day?
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What is average duration of your cycle?
Are you suffering from severe emotional stress?
Are you on any medications?
Any previous medical issue?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Josh for your help


i was on birth control pills for 7 months now i went to my obgyn doctor and he give me Comiphene because am trying to conceive and he told me to take it on my 5 day of me period but i dont know when it is. Its have to be sunday are monday if you can help me i will really appreciate it

Thanks for quick input.
Well, Clomiphene dosage starts with a daily dose of 50 mg,and is typically taken for five days. And dosing generally starts either on or near the fifth day of the menstrual cycle.
As bleeding has already started on Wednesday(even mild spotting), so it should be counted as day One.
So, Wednesday, should be counted as day one and you should take Clomiphene Dosage after 5 days.


I would suggest, that you can start Clomiphene from Sunday.
I wish you good luck for pregnancy.

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Best wishes

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