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Dr. Singh
Dr. Singh, Doctor
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Two days ago I started feeling extremely tired early in the

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Two days ago I started feeling extremely tired early in the morning, and attributed it to not enough sleep that night, so I slept all day. Woke up in the evening with a stabbing eye pain whenever I move my eyes, attributed it to forgetting to take my contacts out. Took my contacts out, went back to bed for another 12hrs, eye pain remained, and is still there today (day 3). It's gotten so bad that I can't look to my periphery at all, I turn my whole body instead of just gazing over. It feels like I'm waiting for the flu to start and it won't, I feel hot and freezing cold, body is aching and hot to the touch, lost my appetite, my lower back and knees are achy and stiff. But no runny nose, so sore throat, no fever. This morning I woke up with tingling/pins and needles in the fingers of both my hands, as if I slept on my arm, but it didn't go away until later in the evening. This isn't the first time the tingling has happened, happened a few months ago as well, but without flu-like symptoms. The general body malaise I can deal with, but I'm a little worried about the eye pain, and the tingling in my hands. I'm 26, female, live in the NW, no history of major illness, healthy and active otherwise.


(Also forgot to mention, I have a swollen lymph on the left underside of my jaw for the last two days, not painful, and a new tender one on the left side of my neck from today.)

Dr. Singh :


Dr. Singh :

Thank you for your question. Overall, your symptoms do suggest a viral infection such as flu. But inability to turn the eye would be something I would recommend getting checked for. This may be related to irritation from contacts. But it should be checked with physical exam including visual acuity and range of movement of both eyes. If there is any sign of conjunctivitis, an empiric eye antibiotic would be appropriate. So I would suggest seeing your doctor, or visiting an urgent care center soon.

Dr. Singh :

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Please "accept" when done.


Didn't address all of my symptoms thoroughly.

Dr. Singh :

Like I mentioned, all your other symptoms are consistent with a viral infection. Eye problem needs to be looked at especially given the neck gland swelling.

Dr. Singh :

Let me know if you have more questions.

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