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I broke my middle toe on my right foot 2 months ago. As far

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I broke my middle toe on my right foot 2 months ago. As far as I can tell, it healed ok since there's no real pain and it isn't deformed but i have absolutely no feeling whatsoever in that toe. I can actually stick a pin in the toe and not feel it at all. Is this normal after breaking a toe? I've broken other toes and not had this happen but this particular toe when it broke felt crunchy so I'm not sure if it would heal differently. What should I do? Thanks! Stephanie
Did you get an x-ray of the foot and, if so, can you tell me more about the nature of the fracture?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No I didn't get an xray. I didn't need to. I've broken toes numerous times so know what they look and feel like and since it wasn't bent in some crazy way, just treated it at home.
I understand. But this time the fracture may have been located in such a position--and it may have been comminuted meaning in more than one piece--that a nerve at the base is obviously involved. It may be that the nerve is only bruised and the feeling will return in time but it also could be that scar tissue has entrapped the nerve and it may need surgical release. My suggestion is that you have this evaluated and get an x-ray to see how the fracture has healed.
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