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my son is 15th y old, he is always tired, and he sleep a lot

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my son is 15th y old, he is always tired, and he sleep a lot , like today when to school and came back and he is sleeping since 2:30p and it is almost 8p I. Woke him up to eat and he ate just a,little like that everyday but. Most of the time question is why he sleep so much?

Developmentally, it is actually a fact, per studies, that teenagers need more sleep than younger kids or adults. This is due to both the physical and mental (brain growth) development that is occurring. At age 15, he is probably going either preparing or going through a growth spurt as well which may even increase the amount needed a bit more.

On average, teens need 9 1/4 hours per night.

Is you son getting this amount? Since this is an average amount, it is possible that he needs even more.

(here are more details about sleep and amounts needed:

Now it is not necessarily normal for him to need the sleep in the middle of the day, unless he is indeed going to bed late and getting up early, which is often the case and expected by school and other activities.

The options are to go to bed earlier, or of course arrange for him to have later classes in the morning.

So the first step would be to determine whether he is actually getting around 9 to 10 hours of sleep, and if not arrange his schedule so that he can get the recommended amount of sleep at night. He would need to work at this and not take more than a 30 minute to an hour nap once during the day, in order to get used to sleeping earlier at night.

Second, if he is getting the recommended hours and still is exhausted then a medical evaluation would be needed.

Excessive tiredness/need for sleep could indicate problems, such as an illness like mononucleosis; anemia, a sleep disorder; or depression.

Seeing a GP would be suggested to rule out these problems (again, if he does not respond to a more lengthy sleep period at night -if this is indicated).

Simple blood tests and physical can determine if he has a virus, or is anemic. To determine whether there is a sleep disorder, if this were to be suspected, might require seeing a sleep specialist and getting sleep studies; depression could require counseling or medication.

Please let me know if you have further questions by hitting the reply button. I'm standing by if you do have any further questions regarding this.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I see what are you saying.. I tried tokeep him up so he can sleep at night but it doesn't. Happend....however is not like that everyday that most of the time.... I think I should get an appointment for him it is 8..30p and still sleeping...he get up in the morning at 5:20am and leave to school at 6am until about 3 or 4pm
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I haveto paid again sorry I can not

Thank you for you time I ca not paid any more
Hi. You do not have to pay again. That is sent out by the website, not me

Having to get up so early is likely part of the problem.

But you can still try to adjust his schedule to a degree. Realizing that he needs more sleep at least hopefully will help both of you understand why he actually may need to nap at times. You can still try to work with him to get him to go to bed earlier, at least most nights.. It may take time to get him to adjust his schedule. Even if by an hour per day. Talk to him about it and work out a plan with his input (he is more likely to comply if he is allowed to work on the plan). Use a calendar perhaps, and try to work in some time to sleep or take a nap, but decrease the time gradually and try to shorten the naps yet go to be earlier. Perhaps together you can agree that if he takes another afternoon nap that he will agree to set an alarm and gradually over time decrease the nap time and go to bed earlier. Allow some time for him to adjust gradually...

Getting so early in the morning is hard on a lot of kids these days (hard for the parents too!)

Let me know if you have any other questions about this and I would be happy to talk with you again to see how or if he is adjusting or if there are signs of any other problems.

You do not have to pay anymore at this time or in the near future!