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Have boils next to my vagina. Had period from August 2nd

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Have boils next to my vagina.

Had period from August 2nd to 5th.
Had boils after that, which reduced after I took antibiotics.

Had bleeding again from August 20th till September 1st.
Again boil but went after a while.

Period hasn't come till date, Oct 2nd.
But boil has come again n it's very painful

Additional information:
28 cycle
Period were regular till August
Had unprotected intercourse on
Aug 16th, Sep 7,8,9,16,17,19,22,23
No birth pills

Also have been travelling a lot in the past month, climates changes

Home pregnancy test negative on Sep 23rd, Sep 29th, Oct 2nd

Need to know
Why period hasn't come yet?
Why the boils?

Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.

Can you tell me how many boils, or just one?

How big is this boil?

Where exactly is it located?


And, when was you period suppose to come?


Tell me about your travels - what do you mean by a lot?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just the one boil

Big as a small bump
Next to the lips
Period was supposed to come September 12-15th but not sure since had a second period in August

Had travels
10hrs in bus
6+12 hrs in train
2+2+2+3+4 hrs in car
This sounds like a possible Bartholin Cyst which is essentially a collection of fluid that can get blocked due to clogged 'duct' so you can also try besides antibiotics to keep this area clean but also use Warm/hot wash clothes and warm/hot bathes and try to massage this.
Now, if this is a 'boil' such that this is an infection - then this might be a bacteria infection such as Staph infection - and then you will need antibiotics too.

As for why your period has not come - this could just be due to your stress due to traveling - as this is quite common to see women miss a period due to this.

I hope this helps
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thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX when should I be expecting my periods now that I am not travelling??

Also by when should I be worried if period hasn't come?
You might have missed your period because traveling might have caused you to miss you from ovulating that cycle, so hence your next cycle might not come for another month.
We usually do not worry about missed periods because usually this does Not signify anything serious. So, we as ob/gyn's really do not test for anything until you have missed a period for 4 to 6 months - but if you don't have a period next month - just have your doctor do a TSH thyroid and a Prolactin blood tests.

I hope this helps
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thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks... btw is there any chance i could be pregnant and all the tests came negative?

Very Unlikely you are pregnant -
but, if you don't trust the urine test - have your doctor do a blood pregnancy test
Take care
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thank you
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