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Hi, I have a sharp pain in my elbow when it touches a hard

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Hi, I have a sharp pain in my elbow when it touches a hard surface, the elbow feels sore. No pain when I move it but feels a bit warm to touch. Can you help?
How long has this been going on? No trauma involved? Where exactly is the pain and any swelling there? Does it hurt to turn your outstretched hand first palm down and then palm up?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Started today, I may have had some trauma over the weekend as was doing DIY. A while ago my elbow hurt, and my fingers were a bit numb and I couldn't use my arm for an hour and then was ok!(mystery) I don't have pain just soreness. The pain comes when I touch my desk at work with my elbow.
And which fingers were numb?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can't exactly remember but think it was my little finger and one next to it. I've had the little finger and next one a little numb today?
OK--that part sounds like a ulnar nerve compression at your elbow. You likely have a tendonitis problem at the elbow--something like tennis elbow and it can come from repetitive movements. If you'd like to treat this at home, you need an elbow brace along with antiinflammtories like Ibuprofen and topical application of capsaicin cream. The brace needs to be worn as much as possible for about a week. If that doesn't clear this up, you'd need to see a doctor for a cortisone injection.
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