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physician123, Doctor
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Is a combination of these symptoms something to be concerned

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Is a combination of these symptoms something to be concerned about? Low sex drive, hair falling out, severe anxiety, tiredness, Freezing cold hands and feet all the time.

physician123 :


Welcome to just answer.

I am sorry to hear of your discomfort .

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Customer: Hello thank you
physician123 :

Since when do you have these complaints ?

Customer: For about 8 months
physician123 :

Are you suffering from any medical condition or on any medication ?

Have you had a thyroid check?

Customer: I was told I have a generalized anxiety disorder so i have been taking st johns wart. How is a thyroid checked? If its not through a blood test then I haven't had it checked
physician123 :

It is through a blood test and low thyroid levels can cause the symptoms you have thus you should see a doctor and get these levels checked

Customer: I'm almost certain Iv had it checked then because last time I had a blood test she said we will check your thyroid, but didn't realise it was through a blood test. My bloods were all normal though. Are all of these symptoms related to thyroid issues?
physician123 :

Yes low thyroid can cause these symptoms that is the reason I mentioned it and thyroid issues are common among women , so please discuss this with your doctor

physician123 :

How long back were you tested ?

Customer: About three months ago. If its not the thyroid what else could it be?
physician123 :

Well these symptoms in all likeliness indicate thyroid

physician123 :

As all the symptoms you have can be attributed to low thyroid levels so at this point of time there is nothing else I would think of

Customer: Ok how is thyroid issue treated
physician123 :

It can be treated with medications as the medications help get the thyroid levels back to normal

physician123 :

SO please get a check

Customer: Ok, also, is to possible to imagine symptoms . My doctor told me this but I don't know how it's possible
physician123 :

Well if the tests come back negative and if on examination all is good then we can say its imaginary ....but nothing can be said before an exam and the tests

physician123 :

So please see a doctor and discuss this with him .

physician123 :

I wish you all the best , a speedy recovery and great health

physician123 :

Take care and god bless

Customer: Okay thank you
physician123 :

Do let me know if you have further doubts .
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Thank you

Customer: Ooo I have on more question
physician123 :

oh okay

physician123 :

What is your question

Customer: Sorry another thing that has happened is that I thought I got my period the other day, but it has been very very light for 4 days now. It is usually very normal and lasts 5 to six days. I have also had a very so lower left abdomin today but it has now stopped..
physician123 :

Oh okay , If the pain continues and you have this problem with your periods then you will need an ultrasound to check for the ovaries and uterus as pathologies within them can cause pain and the period with the periods

Customer: Yes this has never happened to me before so I found it quite painful and scary so I will have to get the ultrasound
physician123 :

Yes please do get an ultrasound

Customer: Okay these arnt pregancy symptoms are they? :s
physician123 :

No this is unlikey to be cause of pregnancy cause pregnancy causes a missed period

physician123 :

I hope this answers you

Customer: Yes thank
physician123 :

YOu are welcome

physician123 :

Please leave a positive feedback in order to accept the answer as only once you leave a positive feedback will the site credit me for my work and time

physician123 :

Thank you

physician123 :

I look forward to your positive feedback

physician123 :

you there?


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