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Dr. Nomi
Dr. Nomi, Doctor (MD)
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I am 41 female and noticed slight bruising and a lump on the

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I am 41 female and noticed slight bruising and a lump on the middle part of my sternum over the past two weeks. It has grown from the size of a pea to a dime. I recently had a Mamogram before I noticed the lump and it was normal. I have also experienced heartburn over the last 2 weeks. Not a smoker, not much alcohol and I am overweight. Seeing a dr in two days but I am nervous, I have two small children. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Do you remember any trauma at this area?

Customer: I have large breasts and thought the wire from my bra could cause it but the lump has grown as well as the bruise over the past week without wire issues
Dr. Nomi :

Any history of mild fever,weight loss ,cough,fatigue etc?

Dr. Nomi :

Is this mobile?

Customer: I don't understand what you mean. It seams to be hard on the bone.
Dr. Nomi :

OK.Is there history of wight loss or mild fever

Is there history of weight loss ,fatigue or fever etc?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No weight loss or fever...mild fatigue but this is pretty standard for a mom with two small kids I thought.

Apparently it looks like you are having a benign dermal cyst and there is nothing to worry.However,an examination is must by your Physician since it has increased in size.Overall,I believe everything would be fine.Wish you good health.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. The bruising with the lump is not alarming?




Change of skin color is an alarming sign .However,since you had mammogram so I think everything will be fine.An examination is mandatory for any growth which arise all of sudden.Sometime innocent growths also show skin color changes.
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