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Dr. Jerry E
Dr. Jerry E, Doctor (MD/DO)
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Experience:  1 yr experience family medicine (adult and children), emergency medicine for five years
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I had a head injury 7 weeks ago and had both eyes bruised for

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I had a head injury 7 weeks ago and had both eyes bruised for a couple of weeks but the bruising has gone my eyes are left with puffiness and this dark, deep circle which is permament and dosnt go away... when the eyes are puffy in the morning the dark circle seems deaper. Is this ever going to go away?
Hello, this is Dr. E. Greetings from New York! I'm so glad you posted your question for me to answer, and I aim to provide you with accurate info.
What kind of neurological testing/scans were done at the time of the injury? Results? Where is the deep circle?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
i didnt have any scans because it was not such a bad injuri and i dont ahve a problem with anything, the doctor checked my vision and all other tests, i am perfectly fine.. except those darc circles which are near the nose.. starting from the corner of the inner eye towards the nose... but i dont know whetehr the circle is created because of the puffy eye or the otehr way round. i had these darck circles fromt he injyry but now the bruising is gone but the deep lines are still there
Based on what you are describing, you shouldn't worry. Your issue is very common. Depending on the point of impact of your original injury, bruising may appear for an extended period of time. If the dark circles haven't subsided within 16 weeks of the date of injury, I would suggest visiting a dermatologist.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am happy to hear that, but the doctor who is also a cosmetic doctor said that the puffiness is nt going to go away. Ate you saying the the deep lines are created from the injury and will go away with time... Because the deep lines makes the eyes look puffy. It looks like there is this hollow gap between the nose and the eye socket . I have my weeding in September and thinking to have a cosmetic procedure done, but if you say I will get better maybe I should just wait.
I suggest waiting a little longer to see if the deep lines fade. Depending on how severe of injury, the skin may need longer to recover. The elasticity of the skin is likely to rejuvenate and erase the damage.
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