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In May I had a MRSA infection in my pre patellar bursa and

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In May I had a MRSA infection in my pre patellar bursa and cellulitis over it. I did not have any kind of wound to my knee, I did not hit it, scratch it, cut it or anything else. But it went from being swollen with a red raised area to turning black in about 8 hours. I was in the hospita for a weekl, on Vancomycin for 4 weeks through a picc line, and had a bursectomy. I developed a blood clot along the picc line and now am taking Warfarin for the clot. My knee began to hurt again just at the site of the incision. It is very tender. My hip hurts and is causing me to limp a little bit. My physician ordered lab work. He did a plain film x ray of the knee. The patella fades away on the bottom half of it in the x ray. There is just a tiny, thin line outlining it, the top half is white. My neutrophils are 35, my lymphs are 55 and the absolute neutrophilis is 1.7. Just 6 weeks ago these numbers were 60.3, 30.8 and 4.5 respectively. The rest of the labs were normal.
He has ordered an Indium III scan but his secretary has informed me that she is so busy it will be next week before she can find the codes to get a pre cert with my insurance company and then she has to find a place to do the scan. This is disappointing because I am somewhat worried about this. My shin now hurts a bit. I do not know if it is because I am worried or if it really hurts. I am trying very hard to not think too much about this because it is clearly out of my hands at this point.
I just wondered if you have any idea what this means and if you think I should stay on top of the secretary to make sure she gets this done sooner rather than later.
I will appreciate your advice.


Thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

I am sorry to hear about your problem.

I have seen several cases over the years of bone infection, joint infection, etc. (in all ages) where no external wound was ever found. The theory is that there was a wound, but too minuscule to be visualized. I don't know, of course if this is what occurred in your case, but wanted to let you know that you are not the only person that this has happened (although this is not much help).

That being said, once an infection of any type has somehow worked it's way into a joint or bone, they can be extremely hard to cure. It is not uncommon for repeated incidences to continue, even though there are periods when the infection seems to have resolved. It is a difficult condition to have.

It is great that you are healthy. I encourage you to continue with your healthy life style as this will help you.

Pain is a sign of potential infection. I do not think you should ignore it.

It is obviously very wrong for the secretary at the office to claim that she cannot schedule you for a scan due to being backed up.

I am quite sure that the office manager and physician at this office would be quite upset to hear that the secretary has told you this.

I would not even deal with the secretary at this point.

I would call and ask for the office manager. If the secretary answers and ask you what you are calling for, just state you have some 'business to discuss with her/him". It is of course not the secretary business to ask you this anyway. Sometimes they are 'coached' to not transfer too many calls to the doctor or business manager, but you need to absolutely get past this secretary.

I think the business manager will take this into there own hands and get you scheduled promptly.

As we know, these types of infections can be extremely hard to cure, and not only do you have an infection in a difficult location, but it is MRSA. Your situation is at least urgent, and you need to have this taken care of. I would call the office first thing in the morning.

The x-ray of the knee and the fact that part of the patella appears to be missing could indicate that 1) there is an infection or bleeding into the joint that is keeping the patella from being visualized or 2) the patella has dissolved, or 3) x-ray is poor quality (x-ray's by nature of course, do not show features as well as more advanced imaging methods, thus this is why your scan is ordered).

Please reply if you have further questions, and if you do not mind, do not rate me until after all your questions have been answered. I will wait to see if you have additional questions.

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I am curious to know if you were able to get your scan scheduled earlier and how you are doing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you for asking. I started the procedure today. And, will have the scan tomorrow morning. I did not know it took 2 days. I did not know it required a large blood draw. So things are moving forward. I should know by tomorrow afternoon if it is infection or not.
Again, thanks.
I'm glad to know that you were able to get things moving along!