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My 18,month old burnt bus foot on hot pavement. What is the

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My 18,month old burnt bus foot on hot pavement. What is the best thing to do for him. I have out dated Silver Sulfadiazine from a previous injury, should I use it?
Hello JACustomer,

I would like to try and help you but I need some more information. How big an area is this burn? (How many inches, or is it the size of a quarter, a half dollar, etc). What does the burn look like? Is it blistered? Is the skin red or white? Or even black? How much pain is your son in? Is he walking at 18 months? Can he walk with this injury or is he unable to?

Thank you for clarifying,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Size is a dime to a buckle size on one foot, half dollar on other, I have tried to stand him up and it hurts, he cries. The skin is red, it was blusrered, but it looks to have find down now. My mom days it looks like a second to third degree burn.

Oh that poor child, I am so sorry. While many minor second degree burns can be treated at home, some are more serious dependent on where they are. The feet are one of those locations. If there is even the possibility of a third degree full thickness burn, a burn extending through all layers of the skin, he absolutely should be seen in the Emergency Room. Severe second degree burns...and a burn the size of a half dollar on an 18 month old child's feet would qualify as a severe second degree burn should be seen in an Emergency Room as well.

If serious burns like this are not treated correctly, they have the potential to heal the wrong way; for your son that could mean he may not be able to use his feet as well if the skin scars inappropriately. Infections are also a serious possibility, especially with foot wounds/ burns.

The expired silvadine is not what I am worried about now (though I would not use it; I would not wish to risk bacterial contamination with it)...please take him to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center tonight, to have these burns properly evaluated and treated.

Link with some more information:

I hope I was able to help, and I hope your little one feels better soon.
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Hello Customer,

Thank you so much for the Accept and the bonus. I am writing to find out how your son is doing; I hope he feels better soon and his little feet heal easily and quickly.