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I have to pass a hair follicle test and I used cocaine about

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I have to pass a hair follicle test and I used cocaine about 4 weeks ago. I went on a vegas trip with some friends and they had some and i used it for two nights in a row. Before this I had only used a couple times the year before. Days after the trip I bought a DETOX drink and drank alot of water and used milk thisle just to get it out of my system. Does this lessen my chances of the metabolites to appear in my hair? I am super nervous and i HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST IN A WEEK. I am 33, female, very active with low body fat and i have fine dark brown hair.
Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

The standard Hair Follicle test used in the U.S. covers a period of 90 days and test for cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamines.

There are no known adulterants for hair tests of cocaine- meaning there is not any thing that you can do to remove the record of the cocaine from the hair. (There has been one study that showed THC from Marijuana does not deposit as readily inside epithelial cells so it may be possible for cosmetic or other forms of adulteration to reduce the evidence of marijuana in a hair sample).

Everything else you hear - using 'kits' to remove drugs and 'toxins' from the system, doesn't remove the record of the cocaine use from your hair. This is why the hair method is used - it provides the longest record of drug use.

Being active and having low body fat will not make a difference in the test results.

So what this all means is that you will fail this test (save for a mistake on the part of the lab) if you have used cocaine in the last 90 days. Since you used cocaine 4 weeks ago, which means you used cocaine in the period which will show up in your hair, you will fail the test.

I know this is not the answer you had hoped for, but this is the truth. I hope you understand that in the long run, a honest answer is the only chance you have at getting past this situation. You can now decide now what you must do regarding the situation for which you are being tested.

Please understand our feedback system if it is not clear. If you believe your answer has been answered truthfully, please rate my answer accordingly - my aim is to get a rating of 5 (Great service) for every question I answer. If you need more information, just reply to me via the REPLY TO EXPERT button. I'll be happy to continue further to do everything I can to provide you with great service.

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