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Dr. Anil
Dr. Anil, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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I have a random itching all over my body with no rash at all.

Customer Question

I have a random itching all over my body with no rash at all. What could it be.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 5 years ago.
What is your age?
Do you have associated burrows,peeling of skin?
Does itching get worse at night?
Have you tried any medications?
Any other medical history?
Since how long have you been suffering from?
Alcohol and smoking?
Stress and anxiety?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Age is 42, no burrows or peeling of skin. Don't smoke. Rarely drink alcohol. Itching takes place at all times during the day - nighttime does not necessarily make it worse. Really bad after showers. No medications of any kind and no negative medical history. Recovering from some kind of virus the past week. Itching only began Saturday. No heartburn. Little bit of a cough. Stress on the job no more than normal.
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for providing more information.
Itching without rash can indicate a systemic problem which may include
Liver/Gallbladder or kidney problems
Diabetes or thyroid problems
Iron deficiency
Polycythemia Vera [too many red cells]
Certain autoimmune diseases [sarcoidosis]
Hidden infections
Heavy metal toxicity

As it gets worse after shower so it also suggests Cholinergic Urticaria.
So you need to undergo further investigations like Liver function test,Renal function test,Blood sugar,Thyroid function test,CBC,ESR,Absolute eosinophil count,IgE(for allergy),ESR for further diagnosis.
In the meantime you can take OTC Claritin.
Also apply calamine lotion on body after a bath.
Wear cotton clothes.
As you have cough so you can do saline gargles.
Tightness in chest can be associated with Bronchitis,Acid reflux.
So you can take OTC Robitussin DM and Prilosec.

I suggest you to consult a dermatologist for further evaluation and management.

I hope this helps.

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Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 5 years ago.
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