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yes I have been having issues with my acid reflux first off

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yes I have been having issues with my acid reflux first off i took prevacid for a then it stopped working and i took prilosec for a year and it stopped working over a week ago well i started on a new medicine and it was doing ok but today after eating i got nauseus and my stomach is achy. can this be flare up to acid reflux since the symptooms isnt completely under control yet or is it something else

Id like to try and help you as you sound uncomfortable, but I need some more information please. Do you have pain after you eat or before you eat? Is the pain made worse or is it better after a meal? And how long after you eat does it take for the pain to come back? Where does it hurt you?

Is this pain with all foods or just certain ones? If its only with some foods, which foods?

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
well take yesterday i ate freind chicken tenders and had noissues. the day before i had krystals(dont know if you know what that is but its little tiny burgers like white castle) and fried french fries. didnt do much. today i had a regular home cooked hamburger thirty minutes after i took my prilosec and i got stomach pain and my breathing acted up a little bit. the prilosec has been not working after it worked for a year. but im still trying it . but thats all i ate was a small home cooked hamburger. there is no localized pain its usually a soreness that makes me belch or feel like i got to use the restroom

Thanks so much for that additional information...I have a few more questions for you. Thank you for your patience here, the more information I have, the better my resultant guess will be. When you do use the restroom, do you feel better after gone to the bathroom? Are your stools normal now? Ive read some of your past questions and so know you have some issues with constipation and diarrhea on occasion.

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yeah the issue of constipation came when i switched from prilosec to prevaci a day after my prilosec stopped working. not to mention i dont know if this was an 9issue but i had ate a ton of cheese within a coule days. but after having stomach cramps that was releieved when using the restroom i having had cramps and i have been going to the bathroomonce a day about 30 mins to an hour after i wake up and it is normal. i notice a few pieces f what looks like undigested foods but i dont know if they was ther before because i never looked at it so close . lol now i monitor my stool crazily. and no i dont feel better after i use the restroom now. and it was ok until as i said i ate and a while later it made my stmach sore and i had burpin up of food . and the breathing thing got heavier as i said. I just ate some potatoes baked in the oven and my stomach seems to be easing up on the sorteness aswell

Thanks for the additional detail. Please understand that online no one can state with certainty what anything is, all I can do is give my best guess based upon what you wrote. '

You've had heartburn and GERD thats been treated, not very well I may add from what you write, for over a year. I think it may be time to examine other possible causes of your pain. And while it could be severe GERD you have, the fact that you have pain AGAIN after you eat makes me wonder if you may have an ulcer. Severe GERD that is not treated can result in ulcers and do damage to the esophagus that can make it more prone to developing cancers.

An ulcer is when the lining of the stomach or the first part of the small intestine is eaten away by stomach acid. Usually, the stomach produces a special layer of mucous to prevent the stomach acid from irritating it. If that lining is thin or damaged in places, then the stomach acid will corrode the stomach, wherever the "breach" occurs. People with ulcers have pain which usually is relieved by food, but then occurs again after eating, and it is worse when you are hungry as the stomach is empty (that is because the food helps neutralize the acid).

The most common reason for people to get this is a bacteria called H. pylori.

Other reasons for ulcers can include medications such as motrin/advil, and alcohol and cigarettes. Untreated and as they get worse, ulcers can bleed, and the blood loss can be severe. And if there is a big hole in the stomach, stomach contents can be released into the body, and that peritonitis (infection of the body cavity) can be very bad. Blood in the stools can appear as black and tarry stools. Ulcers are not typically associated with diarrhea.

Treatment of ulcers is with antibiotics if it is caused by H pylori; if it is not caused by H pylori treatment is prescription medication.

My advice here is to be seen by your provider to be tested for H pylori, to establish if your ulcer was caused by that bacteria.

I hope I was able to help. Here is a website regarding ulcers.

We know you have GERD/ heartburn. I'm writing about that as well. Normally, there is a sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach to keep the contents of the stomach in the stomach. If this muscle is weakened for any reason, acid from the stomach can regurgitate into the esophagus, and that can indeed cause pain depending on how high the fluid rises. Simple heartburn is easily treated, un treated heartburn can result in GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease).

Certain foods can make GERD/ heartburn worse (I am sure you have found this out by now), so if you notice more discomfort after eating acidic foods, or caffeine, or alcohol, cut down on the intake of those food items. I noted that it worsened after a hamburger you ate. Also, remaining upright after a meal will help also, as will eating small meals throughout the day as opposed to two or three large ones. Stress has also been implicated as a factor in making GERD and heartburn worse, certainly you have been under stress worrying about your bowel movements.

GERD doesn't go away, but it can be made less with some lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, peppermint, and fatty foods. Smaller meals will also help reduce the severity of GERD as it wont fill up your stomach as much. Also, avoid lying down after you eat, remaining upright will help keep the stomach contents in the stomach.

In truly horrid cases of GERD, surgery can be done to reduce the amount of acid that is produced by the stomach.

Here are two helpful websites on GERD:

and :

I suggest you see your provider for an evaluation, especially regarding the possibility of an H pylori ulcer.

I hope I was able to help,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
see my only issue is. why wouldnt it effect me at all if it was an ulcer after eating almost 9 big fried chicken tenders and fried french fries and a bunch of mini burgers. thats why i got confused about the ulcer thing. also i have just started taking amoxicillian this afternoon for a tooth infection

I am puzzled about that one also, honestly. But this is not a diagnosis, its just a education only service. Ulcers should make their presence known after a meal...maybe there was something about the chicken or something else that you ate that made it not so painful.

But you have had pain for too long to be satisfied with the diagnosis of just heartburn. Its gone on too long. I think it would be a good idea to see a specialist, a GI doctor for testing to see what the problem really is and the best way to treat it.

No one should have pain as long as you have had it.

Hope that helps,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
but can acid reflux make ur stomach sore or make you nauseus? i dont have heartburn hardly ever. its only a sore stomach and its only once in a while after eating. i was completely fine until my prilosec stopped working which is what made me think it was gerd . the reason i keep asking is because i cant really afford a doctor now after going to the dentist. i mean its super exepnsive

Acid reflux can make a wide array of symptoms, as it is literally the acid going up the esophagus. And those symptoms depend on how high that acid travels. Some will report it as a stomach ache, or indigestion...others have literally felt in so much pain around their chest area that they have believed they were having a heart attack.

So there is not one answer for your question...acid reflux can present in too many ways. But I still absolutely believe you should be seen by a specialist as you've had this too long. And, as I wrote, acid reflux untreated can lead to ulcers, and can lead to changes in the esophagus that make one more prone to certain cancers.

Please be seen...but ulcer is still my top guess. If you had written that you felt better after a bowel movement, I would believe that it could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but as you didn't, I do not believe that is a big contender.

I understand about the expense, but it is important. If you lack the funds and or do not have a provider there are low cost clinics: here is a web page to help find them. and and

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