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My Almost 8 month old daughter has a right side weakness and

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My Almost 8 month old daughter has a right side weakness and I have never been told what the cause of it is. She is unable to sit up by herself or crawl. her trunk muscles are very weak. She also is small and premature. she gets very tired easy and irratated. She was ale to hold her bottle but lately she is dropping her bottle alot and her right ram is dragging more and very stiff I have a hard time getting her dressed. What do think is causing this?
Hello JACustomer,

I am so terribly sorry to hear of your little girls difficulties. Id like to try and help here but I have a a great many questions for you. My apologies for all the questions, but the more information I have, the better my resultant guess (as no one can diagnose online) will be.

You mentioned your daughter was "small and premature". How pre mature was she? What were her APGAR scores at birth? How long was she in the NICU before she came home (if she was there) or hospital? Aside from the prematurity which we know of was there anything abnormal about the delivery? Vaginal or C section? If C Section, what was the cause of the section (fetal distress of any sort?)

Has your child been seen by a pediatric neurologist? Was any testing done? If so, what? MRI, developmental tests? Who set up these therapy sessions that she is having now?

Does anyone in your family have history of genetic disorders?

Thank you so much for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Oh that is fine I understand. Faith was born at 36weeks 6 days. I had to be induced due to be having preclampsia and had a difficult labor. She was in the NICU for 10 days. She was on a feeding tube until the last few days of discharge. I am not sure what her scores where and I am not sure how to find out the doctors never really told be her scores. I also had a hard pregnancy and was having contractions at 32 weeks and they gave me medicine to stop them. I had Faith Vaginally and was a fine line where they were going to take her by C section. I was on oxygen for a short time while in labor due to my blood pressure and it is still high I am on meds still. Faith has not seen a nerologist yet at this time but it was addressed to her peditriction and she wanted to wait and see if she got any better with therapy she has OT and PT once a week and that was perscribed by her developmental doctor. She was seem at 1 month when the who right side weakness started and at that time she was unable to use her leg or arm on her right side. We have had some inprovement but still I have concerns on what has caused this weakness. She has a appointmnet on tuesday with the developmental doctor I really want to know if I should press on more to have her tested. She is the tenth percentile for her high and weight. She is 15 pounds now she weighed 5 pounds and 18 in a half inches long at birth she is 25 inches now. She also has sensory issues and when she sits up she leans to the right and falls over she can not sit up for more than 3 seconds. also in a high chair she will not use her ight arm or hand at all and leans to the right. She has been dianosed with acid reflux and takes medicne for it. Also gets very tired easy and very frustrated.
Hello JACustomer,

I am unclear about said she was seen at 1 month when the right sided weakness started; are you sure this right weakness was not present from birth and you did not realize it because an infant does not do things that would demonstrate a one sided weakness?

Thanks for clarifying again,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I agree with you I did not notice anything then but it might have been present at birth I did not get to spend much time with her right away. I was having trouble getting my bood pressure regulated to spend much time for a few days when she was in the NICU.
Hello JACustomer,

I am so terribly sorry to read of your little girls struggles. Please understand that online, no one can state anything with 100% certainty; I cant definitively tell you what is wrong with your daughter. I can only take a best educated guess based on what was written.

Judging by what you wrote, I suspect that your little girl might have a disorder called cerebral palsy (CP) In cerebral palsy, an area of the brain has sustained damage for some of the most frequent causes is prematurity.. Depending upon the amount of damage and the area where it is in the brain, symptoms can vary. CP can be very severe , or very mild.

There are three main forms of CP: spastic, ataxic, and athetoid.
Spastic CP is the most common type of CP; and in this form there can be muscle weakness OR rigidity; that could be what you see with your daughters right arm becoming more stiff.
Athetoid CP is a mixed form of CP and can have features of all types of it from muscle rigidity to tremors to un-coordination.
Ataxic CP is the rarest form of CP, and it is hallmarked by tremors and uncoordination which can range from the very mild to the extremely severe.

CP can cause abnormalities in many body systems due to the effects one sided weakness or muscle rigidity or uncoordination has.

Intelligence can be affected in cases of cerebral palsy as well. In some children there is profound mental retardation. However, not all people with CP are mentally retarded; some of us are rather bright and have gone on to higher education in all its forms.

Your daughter should absolutely be seen by a pediatric neurologist. Tests can be done to see if there is brain damage, though not all people with CP will have damage that shows up on an MRI. Some people with CP also have seizures, a pediatric neurologist may wish to run tests to make sure this is not the case with your daughter.

Reading of this most likely seems bleak. I would like you to know however that many with cerebral palsy have had wonderful fine lives. I myself have cerebral palsy, the ataxic type. It is one of the reasons I took this question. Yes, it hampers me because I lack coordination; I can work in some areas of health care. A friend of mine in college had CP, and she is now a teacher.

I definitely think there are things you need to discuss with your doctor, and see if his diagnosis is the same as my guess. But from what you write, this makes the most sense.

Here is more information on CP:
and here:

I hope I was able to help,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have been doing research also and I agree on your response I do think the same as u as in a mild form of CP. I want to thank you for your time.
Hello JACustomer,

You are very welcome. I am very happy to have helped, and I wish you and she the best.

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