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my feet and legs, in particular my left leg swell during the

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my feet and legs, in particular my left leg swell during the day. The swelling disappears during the night. I sit around much more as I have semi retired. I also have numbness and tingling in my toes.
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Thanks for your question. Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.

How long are you having feet swelling? Do you have any other health issues? When was your last doctor visit? Is your numbness and tingling getting worse?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

About 3 months

I had pancreatitis last July. I stopped drinking then.

It is not getting worse.

Thank you for the information. Based on your information, you seem to have bilateral leg swelling without any other associated symptoms. Bilateral swelling is suggestive of systemic causes rather than localized causes. Getting leg swelling in both side requires further investigation. Presence of rashes, skin color change, increased local temperature or difficulty in walking may suggest the possibility of infection, blood clots or other local problems, but I don't think you have any of these features to support it. Generally bilateral swellings are related to cardiovascular problems, liver or kidney disease. Sometimes, prolonged standing/sitting may cause bilateral swellings. I would encourage you to visit your doctor to get blood test, blood biochemistry along with physical exam. This will rule out if any systematic problem exist. In the mean time, you can follow conservative measures at home like taking breaks between the work, elevating your leg, using pillow support for leg. There is a likely possibility that your swelling may be related to prolonged sitting, but at least get it evaluated once to rule out other problems. As far as tingling and numbness are concerned; it can be due to wide number of causes such as nerve damage, diabetes, exposure to toxins, chronic alcohol use, vit B12 deficiency etc. It can also be associated with thyroid problem, or decrease blood supply to the area. You doctor can rule out all these possibilities by doing physical exam and blood test. Thus, you have two reasons to visit your doctor now. Once the cause of your symptoms is addressed, you will see gradual improvement.

Please let me know if you have any other question.
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