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I keep getting blisters on the sole of my feet. They burst

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I keep getting blisters on the sole of my feet. They burst and then turn into hard skin which cracks and can be very painful. Also a blister appears under the hard skin which i have to burst. They never seem to heal
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How long have these blisters been forming?

Have you had a change in the amount you are standing and walking?

Have you noticed whether or not this began after you started wearing a particular pair of shoes?

Have you noticed a change in the shape of your feet? (Sometimes as we age our feet spread a bit and we need a different size shoe, but of course this would not effect the sole of your feet, unless the arch of the shoe is hitting your foot wrong.)

Have you been in to see anyone yet about this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This has been ongoing for approx 4-5 months and dont seem to get to the bottom of it. I wear a variety of shoes and there is not a specific pair that the problem occurs with. I wash my feet regularly and moisturise. I used to have a problem with athletes foot but managed to get rid of this and now this blister problem is occuring.


This is the first time i have consulted anyone with regards XXXXX XXXXX problem.

If you have not already, I would certainly recommend a Podiatrist or an Orthopedist specializing in feet. That is... if these are indeed blisters that occur and then turn into calluses. You most likely require specially fitting shoes.

Are the blisters similar to blisters that one gets from friction? I guess we should clarify that first..

If these were not typical blisters, but unusual - such as spontaneously appearing on area's that do not have any pressure on them, then seeing a dermatologist would be the place to start. Some fungal infections can appear as a type of blister. But, if these are friction blisters this seems unlikely (to be a fungal or other dermatological problem) because then the blisters would appear on other parts of the body besides areas in contact with a surface.

It is possible that the bones in your feet have settled in a manner where they are requiring a different type of support than what is found in typical shoes.

On researching this a bit further, I find that there is another type of tinea pedis infection, called bullous tinea pedis, which has painful and itchy blisters on the arch (instep) and/or the ball of the foot.

And, there is yet another type of fungal infection, called ulcerative tinea pedis, and this type appears as painful blisters, pus-filled bumps (pustules), and shallow open sores (ulcers). These lesions are especially common between the toes but may involve the entire sole. Because of the numerous breaks in the skin, lesions commonly become infected with bacteria. Ulcerative tinea pedis occurs most frequently in people with diabetes and others with weak immune systems.

Please describe if you think these blisters are related to friction. If not, then there are anti- fungal medications that can be recommended to try over the counter, but you may also choose to see a dermatologist, who could take a small biopsy to determine exactly what type of fungal infection (or rarely a problem such as psoriasis) is effecting your feet.

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