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My shoulders arms and hands hurt at night also tingling in

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My shoulders arms and hands hurt at night also tingling in my hands. It started about 20 months ago with occasional tingling in my fingertips. Now tingling is in my whole hands. The pain is mostly only at night, enough to make it difficult to sleep but wears off once I get up. I took meds for depression for about 15yrs , this started just before I began to reduce them. Haven't taken meds for over 6months and seems to keep getting worse.
What tests were run with the blood work and have you had an MRI of the neck and brain?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

All the basics I think


FBC, Thyroid, sugars, rheumatolgy, LFT


I haven't had an MRI


In the daytime it only affects my hands, do seem to drop things more than usual

Is that because your grip strength is weakening? In the hands, what parts are affected by the tingling?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The only time I notice grip strength weakening is using the petrol pump at sevice station! Tingling is in most of my hands strongest all down my fingers and thumbs, very occasionally in my wrists

OK--this could be from a compression of nerve roots in the neck from a rupture disk or disks, but more likely you have carpal tunnel syndrome from compression of the median nerves at the wrists. You need an MRI of the cervical spine and nerve conduction studies by a neurologist to find the exact cause. With carpal tunnel, wrist braces at night, antiinflammatoris and sometimes cortisone injections will help, but, if not, you'll need decompression surgery by a hand surgeon.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can carpel tunnel cause the pain in my arms and shoulders too? I thought it just affected the hands
That's why I talked about the MRI of the neck--you could have a combination of nerve compression in the neck and at the wrists. The reason I say that is that disk problems in the neck don't often affect both hands together.
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