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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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Need help understanding urinalysis - UROBILINOGEN- 0.2E.U./d

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I need help understanding an urinalysis:
Blood- TRACE
WBC- 0-4
RBC- 0-4


The urobilinogen is a breakdown product of bilirubin. 0.2 or less is normal.

Leukocytes are white cells which are the cells that fight infection. Trace is abnormal as this should be negative. Trace is just a borderline value and such is is questionable as to its significance.

You may have a mild UTI as the trace leukocytes could be consistent with this.

The micro result of 0 to 4 white cells is within the normal range however so this does not appear to be significant.

Similar for the trace blood with only 0 to 4 cells would not appear to be significant in degree.

The bacteria presence is abnormal as the presence of mucus

Mucus is reactive to irritation such as infection.

The amorphous material shows only that material dissolved in the urine came out of solution. This is not a very specific finding.

The results should be interpreted in context of any suspicious symptoms that you may have. It should have been accompanied by a prostate exam. The results could be consistent with a possible prostate infection but in this case the prostate exam would give more information than the urinalysis result.

I hope this information helps.

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

I also noticed that the Specific Gravity result was >1.030 with a reference range of 1.005-1.030

Anthony Bray MD :

This means that you had a very concentrated urine. You may have been on the dehydrated side at the time of the sample.

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

As far as suspicious symptoms, I originally went to the doctor because my frequency to urinate had increased and I was having some slight pelvic pressure. He didn't do any exam, but prescribed Flomax and Ciprofloxacin.....also referred me to an urologist. I just went by today to pick up these results to take to the urologist. Since my original visit which was last Tuesday, I have developed some back pain. It is not a constant back pain. It is usually relieved by sitting or laying down.

Anthony Bray MD :

Your symptoms do sound suspicious for a possible prostate infection. The pelvic pressure, back pain, increase in frequency of urination are all consistent with possible symptoms of a prostate infection.

The presence of mucus, bacteria tend to support this possibility as well.

I think that you should have had a prostate exam but that the urologist will likely have this as part of a follow up exam.

A prostate infection typically takes about 30 day course of antibiotic such as Cipro to clear up and sometimes more than one course is needed.

A follow up is key to making sure that the prostate is clear.

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

I have also been troubled with bloating and gas which started around the same time as the back pain. I thought maybe this could have been what was putting pressure on my pelvis and back. And maybe bladder. Bowel movements are irregular, but no bleeding or diarrhea. I was thinking maybe IBS. It could be perhaps I have turned 35 and everything is falling apart at once. Would a prostate infection cause trouble in these areas as well?

Anthony Bray MD :

I would not anticipate the bowel symptoms as being typical or expected with a prostate infection but i would not rule out this as a possibility. It could be that inflammation of the prostate may be having some influence over the bowel activity OR that you have a separate issue with this.

35 too young to "fall apart" :)

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

Cancer has been a major cause of death in my family. My father suffered from bladder cancer. So the slightest irregularities throw me into a panic at times.

Anthony Bray MD :

The findings do not make me think bladder cancer. I would be more worried if you had significant level of blood in the urine.

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

Last Question!!! I know you will be glad!

They also ran a CBC or attempted to. It came back as specimen clotted.


What causes this to happen? Just normal clotting?

Anthony Bray MD :

Yes, I think that the process of collecting the blood fell short at some point. Too small of a needle or failing to mix the sample right away may cause this. I would not be concerned about the clotted sample.

JACUSTOMER-sher2vow- :

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Bray MD :

You are very welcome!

Take care. I hope that you get back to feeling 100% again soon!

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