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For the past 15 or so years I have suffered with small itchy

Resolved Question:

For the past 15 or so years I have suffered with small itchy white spots on my arms, back and over my stomach. These start in late summer & last through until the cold snow season of winter. While still at work, ( I have a PhD & worked at Environment Canada) I thought the problem might be caused by stress and over work as it occurred at the time I wrote an annual report for EC, on work carried out on Contaminants in the Central & Arctic region of EC. It wasn’t stress as I enjoyed writing the report, but it did take a while. To cope with the unpleasant symptoms I kept a number of ice packs at work in a fridge across the corridor from my office. My MS doctor provided Elavil 10 MG AMITRIPTYLINE HCL. This I have used for a number of years & take when the itching is so bad that the ice won’t help and I need to sleep, at night.
It is very bad again this year, & I was concerned last night as I could not go to sleep, even with the pills and cold pack. The serious itching starts to affect me at about six each night.
Is there any way I can stop this? A past Doctor sent me to an allergist who said I was allergic to Sheep. Now while I actually found this a problem when I lived in Bangor, North Wales, there are no sheep in the area of Ontario where I live.
I really need help as it’s so unpleasant I often feel like ripping the skin off my arm. The MS is enough to cope with.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 5 years ago.
I hear no diagnosis here.
It dose appear seasonal so might be allergic.
If so a medication such as claritin might help, as it is a long acting antihistamine, and does not have interactions with elavil...and in the states at least, there is an over the counter form.

To really get to the bottom of this a small skin biopsy of the rash should be sent to the this could be a form of eczema [different treatment] allergy, contact sensitivity, or autoimmune reaction, which the biopsy would sort out.
good luck

Great home remedy for itch
1 gallon milk in the bath.
good luck again

Let me know if you have further questions

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