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For years, I have had some pain(irritation) in my lower back.

Resolved Question:

For years, I have had some pain(irritation) in my lower back. The problem can be in the center of my back, my left hip, or my right hip. There are times when I have trouble bending over, other times I can't stand straight, or others, I have trouble sitting. Usually, a trip or two to the chiropractor and my symptom are alleviated. The most recent attack is in my right hip. I have no problem sitting; but, when I stand, it takes a while to straighten up. I have been to the chiropractor twice, but to no avail. He think it's my sacrum that causing the problem. I have tried Tylenol and Advil with very little effect. I need some suggestions to deal with this issue.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  drknowsbest replied 5 years ago.

drknowsbest : Sacral or sacroiliac pain can mimic low back pain or sciatica or can be part of a syndrome of all three
drknowsbest : Sacral adjustments can help but strengthening of loose ligaments is improtant or certain positions can trigger an si malalignements pretty easily
drknowsbest : Hamstring stretches and standing usually help while bending and sitting usually worsen it
drknowsbest : Although cortisone injections do ot provide long term help they can pinpoint a diagnosis to determine if it is the sacroiliac joint
drknowsbest : And MRI is not always conclusive
drknowsbest : Short term I would try heat and rest for now wi gentle hamstring stretches at the hip by placing a leg up slightly below hip height and stretching chest to toe if no long term help a consult by an orthopedist may help to focus the chiropractics
drknowsbest : Any more questions.
drknowsbest : Sacroiliac joint dysfunction usually most hurts at area where back of pelvis and hip socket connect where there is a slight depressin
drknowsbest : If no more questions please press accept so that we may exit

I do occassionally have some radiation dowm my leg and when I try to stand in one spot, the ache throughout the leg forces me to move or sit. Is this consistent with what you have indicated thus far.

drknowsbest : Yes sciatica can be part of a malialignmenf of the ileum and pain in the psoas muscle into the groin as well

Thanks for your help.

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