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What is the normal heart rate for a 61 year old male who is

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What is the normal heart rate for a 61 year old male who is 5'8" and weighs 250 lbs? Should there be concern for a at rest rate of 90 and above at times?

Do you have any symptom when the heart rate increases?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No I am usually 90 and above. Occassionally I will feel my heart pounding slightly in my chest. I do have a compromised pulmonary system do to a lobectomy of my upper lobe of my left lung. However oxygen therapy does not seem to reduce the at rest heart rate much. Maybe down to 85 or so.

Do you use any medicine for lung disease? Did you have recent EKG?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No EKG in qutie some time. Regular BP readings range from 135 over 85 most of the time. I have had a cat scan recently and I have been free of lung cancer for four years. I use spiriva and have been prescribed oxygen for excertion but I have not been using it much. O2 levels are above 90 most of the time.
Thank you for the input.

Heart rate of 60 - 100 per minute is considered normal for an adult of your age. Spiriva can increase heart rate in some cases. If you feel any sympXXXXX XXXXXke palpitation, breathlessness then you should get an examination by doctor & have an EKG. Possible causes of increased heart rate or tachycardia can be heart disease, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, caffeine, alcohol, drugs etc. You should cut down if there is any such precipitating factor like caffeine, alcohol etc.

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