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Could you help Other than arnica, what salves or treatments

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Could you help? Other than arnica, what salves or treatments are there for swollen feet/ankles due to walking when overweight and not wearing denier socks for swelling? We walked all thru Romania and I hadn't the time nor ice opportunity in Europe to put my feet up. I need something I can massage in then go twenty minutes later. or a dissolvent. Let me know what you decide in anycase? Marta W Rural Indiana

In addition, I am overweight and easily overheat so use sandles that don't need to be sliding but I will carry with me whatever you recommend. I've talked to the medical standard profession.

Hello... thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today! Unfortunately, there is not quick fix salve exclusively for swollen feet. As you know, feet swell for a variety of reasons including low blood protein, kidney issues, leaky blood vessels, and more. Exercise is the most effective way to decrease swelling of the feet because it increases blood flow naturally. There is a cream that works amazingly well for aches and pains as well as swelling … it's Called Topricin and is only available at holistic medicine shops, health food stores and the internet. It works by decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation, and encouraging lymphatic drainage. Here is a link to read more about it:

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

In my case, excercise i.e. standing IS the problem to increasing drainage to my feet.

Topricin sounds good, what brands when i go on the Internet. Is there a pill dissolvent? How often should it be applied?

And is Arnica off the board?

Amica is , in my opinion, not nearly as effective as Topricin. Unfortunately there are no generic forms of Topricin at this time. It is failry expensive at approximately $24 per 4 oz jar in the health stores. has vendors that sell a larger size bottle ( 8 oz) for roughly the same cost. It may be helpful to do some in place lifts ( Standing on your toes, raising your body up and down). As far as pills are concerned..... ( More to follow)
Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba and ginger root can be used as a tea or in capsule form to improve circulation and decrease swelling… also... boiling 2 to3 Tbs of coriander seed in 2 cups water , strained can be consumed to decrease swelling as well. A good home cure until you can buy the Topricin is to mix 1 Tbs lemon juice, 1 tbs milk , 1 ½ tsp olive oil, pinch of cinnamon powder and a few drops of water and to make a paste to rub on your feet for relief of swelling.
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