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i have an itchy lump on my upper eyelid. it formed yesterday

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i have an itchy lump on my upper eyelid. it formed yesterday and got bigger overnight. it's only a little red but very itchy. it's on the part of the eyelid that's near my nose and it's nowhere near the eyelashes.

i have taken an antihistamine about 12 hours ago thinking it was some sort of rash but the itching is driving me mad. i know i can't put hydrocortisone on this, is there anything else i can do? i've tried moisturiser but that didn't help.

the lump is not solid (like if you have a blocked cyst for example) and when i stretch the skin it looks a little scaly. i'm trying so hard not to scratch and it gets itchier when i just as much as touch it. it's driving me mad. help?

Welcome to just answer.

This lump or swelling is known as Chalazion.

This occur due to obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the upper or lower eyelid.

Apply warm compresses to reduce swelling and promote drainage of the gland.

Hold warm, wet towel on the eyelid for five to 10 minutes, four times a day,

You should also get it examined by your doctor.

He might perscribe you antibiotic eyedrops or ointments if a bacterial infection.

Steroid medicine in the area of the lump to help decrease the inflammation . Do not use without doctor advice.

If significant symptoms occur or lasts for weeks, it may need to be surgically removed.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i'm not sure that's what it is. i've had that before and this doesn't feel or look the same. i've also googled pictures of chalazion and mine doesn't look like that. it's more like a lump on top of the skin than inside the lid, if that makes sense?
This definitely seems infective in nature as it appeared and got bigger in a day.

Other possibility is of infected seat gland on eye lid.

Do not worry apply warm compresses and take Tab Acetaminophen.

Do not apply any eye cosmetics

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
oh dear! thank you!