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Dr J Burk
Dr J Burk, Doctor (MD)
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blocker 25 MG daily I had a colon section in 2005..arterial blockages

Resolved Question:

I am 66 and on various meditaions as follows:
5 mg Altace daily
81 MG coated aspirin
Plavix 75 MG Daily (had some stents placed a year ago - may go off this soon)
pravastin 5 mg prevnattive - cholesterol is low at about 150 range
Spironolactone 12.5 MG daily
Toporol beta blocker 25 MG daily

I had a colon section in 2005 and apparently had a hear attach during surgery.. I have been monitored by cardiologist where a year ago I had some arterial blockages and 3 stenst were installed. My bload pressure is staying low at about 110-120 range over 60-70

I have two questions:

1. I have been on the altace for about 2 years and the toporol for about 18 monts. I have had progressing ED problems, and to me seemed to accelerate with Toporol.. Could this be causing the situation?

Is there another tye of beta blocker I could discuss with my cardiologist if this is the case. I am seeing him on May 18th

2. About 2 months ago (I am right handed ) I was at a range shooting a 12 Ga. I got some black and blue bruises in right arm bycept from guin recoil which I attriute to bruising easier with the Pklavix

But from that time on I seem to haev in the left pectorall area what feels near the service as a randoly happening muscle spasm.. It feels like a very low level vibration and lasts 1-2 seconds. I cannot physically feel this when I press from the outside.

What could cause this.. Is it some trauma from the range shooting?

Could it be an added side effect of the meds.. like spironllactone where Dr increased the soage from 12.5 MG 2-3 times a week now to each day about 5 months ago.

My GP has taken bloodwork and EKG recently and ll looks normal

I plan to ask the cardiologist about it but would like another opinion
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr J Burk replied 6 years ago.

Dr J Burk :


Dr J Burk :

Sorry to read about your ED.

Dr J Burk :

As you say it is a very typical side effect of beta blockers.

Dr J Burk :

However there is no benefit to switch to a different beta blocker as this is a class effect.

Dr J Burk :

Beta blockers are known to prevent second heart attacks - so you need to weigh up the possible improvement of your ED against hte protective effect of taking a beta blocker.

Dr J Burk :

You van of course try a PDI for your ED such as tadalafil , sildenafil etc.

Dr J Burk :

Your chest symptoms sound like muscle spasms.

Dr J Burk :

Not something I would worry too much about and not a common side effect of any of your meds.

Dr J Burk :

Dr Jef.

Dr J Burk :

Please get back to me if you wish.

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