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hi, a few weeks ago i hurt my back in a fall, for the last

Resolved Question:

hi, a few weeks ago i hurt my back in a fall, for the last few weeks i have noticed under my scrotum on the left side has a dull ache when i sit down, i have checked my testicles for lumps after a hot bath and found none, this is fine when i am standing and lying in bed, it only occurs when i am sitting down, i also drive a lorry and do some heavy lifting, a few years ago i was treated for small cyst on a tube beside my testicle, took tablets and was gone in a few day,s, could this have come back? kind regards XXXXX XXXXX 40
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 6 years ago.

OK - so you do not feel any lumps in the groin area as well?

And does this pain improve immediately after you get up (e.g. no pressure on the buttocks)?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no lumps in the groin area as i can make out, and its not a pain as such, just a ache and uncomfertable, ache also travel around left hip, and back feels stiff when i get up, but also lower back aches a bit when standing for a long period of time, i am not over weight, and feel healthy enough
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 6 years ago.

Well, it sounds as if you may have just had a bruise in the deep muscles of your back, or inflammation of the facet joints in the upper lumbar spine, which can cause pain that seems to travel aroudn the hip and toward the groin.

In most cases -- this type of issue does improve with time, usually 4-6 weeks.

So even though the pain feels like it is in the groin area, it could be originating from the back.

The lack of lumps in the groin area makes a hernia less likely, though that is another common reason for groin discomfort.

Certainly, should the pains continue over weeks and not get better, having your doctor examine you and get imaging if necessary is helpful.
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