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I currently weigh 140kgs, and want to take up body building.

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I currently weigh 140kgs, and want to take up body building. Can i start taking whey protein, and creatine now, or do i have to wait till i loose weight?

Dr PG M.D. :


Dr PG M.D. :

GIven the fact that these supplements may lead to weight gain, and have significant calorific value, it would be preferable for you to lose weight before starting these supplements,

Dr PG M.D. :


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have quite a large frame, and big bone structure. I played semi professional rugby, and thus have always been bit, and although 140kgs, im not what you would refer to as morbidly obese. I still play indoor soccer, and am a competative angler. I used to follow a strict and strenuous weight training reigime during my rugby years, until i had a bankart repair in my shoulder, and was forced to stop playing as the scar tissue formed too fast and the healing led to fluid causing my shoulder to be unstable. A couple years later and i find my should has finally settled. Now too old to play pro rugby, i would like to take up body building. I find my back is all muscle, my shoulders, my neck, my legs, my arms, are all muscle and well defined. I have however formed a belly.

I was told that whey protein isolate (no carbs or fat) is pure protein, and would assist in lean muscle production, and that lean muscle was the best fat burner. The more lean muscle, the faster your body breaks down fat...? Creatine monohydrate tablets supply energy, and primarily assist in recovery time between workouts. I have started gyming everyday again, and divide my time between cardio, and strenuous weight training to cause microtrauma to my muscles. My real question is...

Proviede i gym everyday, divide my time between cardio and weight training, and take the 2 supplements, could one successfully turn fat into lean muscle and actually loose weight faster than simple dieting?


In the given situation it is POSSIBLE to lose weight, though of course it would depend on the calorie intake, calories burnt and the amount of exercise / body metabolism.

These are very individualized factors, and without physically examining and following you up during your activities schedule, it would be inappropriate to hazard a guess as to whether these will work or not.

My advise would be start with the work out, add the carnitine supplement and then see for the response. This is because carnitine's inclusion enhances fat oxidation, enhances carbohydrate utilization, and acts as a fuel source for muscles.

Once you are on a regular schedule, you can add the whey protein.

Discuss this with your personal trainer too, and keep monitoring yourself,



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