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My 9yr old son had a fasting blood sugar of 100 and after a

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My 9yr old son had a fasting blood sugar of 100 and after a glucose tolerance test it was 139 and the Dr said that was higher then she wanted to see it, what does this mean
Well -- his pediatrician is concerned about the possibility of diabetes.

This is when the body has trouble regulating the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

The fasting blood sugar of 100 is right on the borderline of high -- and the glucose tolerance test of 139 (if tested at the two hour mark) is also on the borderline of high -- meaning that he MAY be having issues with glucose regulation.

The A1c test will give his doctor an estimate of his blood sugar over the past few months -- and will be key in determining if this is a true concern or not.

So, the results of those tests will help determine if further testing is needed to evaluate for diabetes:
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
could this be causing all of his headaches and if the A1c is normal then why are the blood sugar #s high. and I like you so I will give a bonus
Well, his blood sugars are either at the high end of normal, or just slightly abnormal -- so if the A1c is normal -- then it's just likely that his blood tests just caught him at an "unlucky" time.

Because the A1c "averages" the blood sugars over a long period of time (three months) -- it gives a more broad picture of the glucose levels, rather than just at two specific points of time.

And either way -- this is not likely the cause of his headaches. If he continues to have headaches, other things (including stress and school life) have to be investigated.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

We recieved my 9 year olds A1c back and it was 5.6 some Dr.s are saying that is too high and some are saying it is normal. Please Help me understand

A A1c measurement of 5.6 translates to an average blood sugar of 108, which is pretty normal.

For example, a measurement of 8 would equal 180, which is way too high.

Normal range for this in people without diabetes is 4-6%.

If you have diabetes, your goal is to keep it under 7%.