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I have been feeling dizzy for about 5 months, not dizzy to

Resolved Question:

I have been feeling dizzy for about 5 months, not dizzy to the point of falling over or stumbling, but just "off". At first it started and I didn't have any other symptoms. I began to worry a lot about it though as it continued and started getting headaches. One was a pretty severe migraine. I began to feel better after I stopped worrying about it. The dizziness subsided for about 3 or 4 weeks but then came back when i was put in a very stressful situation. Currently I am feeling slightly "off" again and have been feeling this way for about a month. This time I do not have any headaches just a pressure in my frontal sinuses and behind my eyes.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.

911Doctor : Hello,
911Doctor : It appears you are off line.
911Doctor : I'm going to try and help you out but will need to switch to the question/answer format so we ca continue when you are back online.
911Doctor : Have you seen a physician about these umptoms yet?
911Doctor : Off the cuff you may have a sinus infection combined with an anxiety issue, but given the severity of your headaches you need to have a CT Scan done of the brain to take dangerous causes of headache of th list. Will look for your reply. Best.
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :


JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

Are you there?

911Doctor : Hi... Did you see my questions.
911Doctor : Yes
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

I have not seen a physician yet about these symptoms. I recently started a new job and had to wait for my health insurance to kick in

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

Today is the first day of coverage and i made an appt with a Dr. I'm just very stressed about the situation. The headaches are not really an issue anymore.

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

It is more just this lightheaded dizzy feeling. My balance is not affected.

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

it is more of just an "off" feeling

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

I have always been prone to high stress levels and usually worry about things that are not very realistic

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

I throw up a lot when i am stressed too. i have been doing it my entire life. I have been doing that quite a bit lately as well

911Doctor : Do you ever feel that you can't breathe dully in? Lime your breathing I constricted? Do you ever get numb in the face or hands?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

never had breathing issues and any numbness or tingling

911Doctor : What do you do for work? Ho is your sleep? Your personal life? Your monay situation? Family problems? Weight gain or loss?
911Doctor : Will be right back...
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

I am an athletic trainer and when the dizziness started the second time i had a football player with a potential broken neck that I had to spine board and call 911. I woke up the next morning feeling dizzy. I sleep through the night and get about 9 hours a night. I wake up feeling unrefreshed however. Personal life, money, and family are all good. I have not had any weight loss or weight gain. This is my first job since i graduated college and my first bout of dizziness started the night before my first day of work. I also woke up that morning feeling sick and nervous.

911Doctor : K
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i feel better once i get to work and feel the best right before bed.

911Doctor : Ok...
911Doctor : there are definitely some anxiety issues here... How long have you been at your new job
911Doctor : ?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

5 months...the exact amount of time the dizziness started

911Doctor : I think we are getting close to an answer...
911Doctor : What makes you nervous about your job... Is there something o someone at your job that frightens you?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i have never taken medication of any kind nor do i have any family history of any serious medical conditions. hbp and high cholesterol run in the family and i know both of my parents deal with stress issues

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i just do not want to be imcompetent

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i hate making mistakes and my supervisor is quick to jump all over me

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

basically i dread being scolded for something that I had no knowledge about.

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i do not want to misdiagnose injuries either when dealing with kids. I know i do not have x-ray vision and can't be 100 percent sure something is not broken but i still feel bad if i tell them it is a bad sprain and it turns out to be a fracture

911Doctor : You are an athletic trainer right... What is your boss? A doc? A physical therapist? What did you get your degree I ?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i got my degree in athletic training. i work for an orthopedic company. i answer directly to the school's head athletic trainer and athletic director

911Doctor : College level?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

high school

911Doctor : I mean sports?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i cover all sports at that level

911Doctor : This orthopedist.. Is he the problem? Is he a famous sports guy? What part of the country... The reason I ask is that where I live hS football is more important than bathing and there IS lots of pressure.
911Doctor : Or is it the head trainer that's the problem??
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

its not so much the orthopedist. its the other athletic trainer and athletic director for the high school.

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :


911Doctor : Guy or girl trainer?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :


JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

about 3 years older than me

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

graduated from the same institution

911Doctor : Where do you want to be in five years?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

hopefully at a high school near my hometown

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

im about 3 hours from where i grew up

911Doctor : Doing the same job?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :


911Doctor : Ok... Good... Sounds like you are getting your first taste of office politics... I think your symptoms are due to stress you pit on yourself about your job. Have you heard of EMDR therapy?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

no i havent

911Doctor : I recommend looking around your area for a reputable psychologist or counsellor that does EMDR. It's painless and quite simple. It's basically a way of getting your brain to relax in situations that normally make you a bit panicky. I don't think you need medicines... I don't think you have a medical problem, but I do think, because you care so much about you job, that you get anticipatory anxiety and experience it as light headedness, "feeling off", or headaches. Do you think this is on the money?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

Yes. stress has always been an issue, but usually it is short term stress. This has been a much longer process and is a constant day in and day out ordeal

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

it makes sense that my symptoms would only get worse with time and not better. As i started putting fears out of my mind earlier in the year my lightheadedness took a short 3 week hiatus for me and i felt pretty good.

911Doctor : Wait one, right back.
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :


911Doctor : There's something about this job that's eating at you... Something specific... What is it?
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

i cant really place it

911Doctor : I'm just wondering why, the longer you are there, the worse it gets... Should be the other way around.
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

well like i said this bout of dizziness isn't as bad as the original. it went away for a while as well

JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

so i dont think it is getting worse...just not really subsiding for good

911Doctor : Well, the one thing medically speaking that can do this sort of thing is a sinus/ middle ear infection. These can be chronic and can cause dizziness and general malaise... As I said at the beginning there is no substitute for getting in and being examined... I would really recommend a cT of the brain an sinuses.
JACUSTOMER-mjtc84dp- :

I will definitely address those issues next week with my Dr. Thank you for your help

911Doctor : You are very welcome... Last thing... It's great you care so much about your work... I find in my job that trying to learn a bit each day and improve a bit each day does wonders for the anxiety that I feel. Best wishes to you and thank you for your business
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