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My stomach gurgles and bubbles. I sometimes feel nausea when

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My stomach gurgles and bubbles. I sometimes feel nausea when I eat and I have loose stools and diarrhea. It comes and goes but the bubbling sensation is almost always happening. I also burp alot. What could this be?

I need to know some points regarding your query.

How long are you having this?

How long the diarrhea persist?

Did you have any test or treatment?

Do you have any other symptom or previous illness

Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

First let me tell you that I had blood drawn and everything was OK.
The gurgling and bubbling has been going on since mid July but the nausea just started happening two weeks ago. I feel it when I eat.
I went to a gastroenterologist today and he thought it might be a parasite i might have contratcted on my trip in June to Italy/Spain. I really don't think so.
My internist put me on Dexilant, he thought I had an ulcer.
I don't have any other illnesses and I am not on any other drugs.
My diarreah has been going on for two/three days.
I notice that when I eat, the gurgling and bubbling works overtime. I feel like there is gas trapped that cannot escape. I also wake up to burp, it gives me relief.
Thank you for the information,

When diarrhea is present, you should have stool test to exclude any infection.

In reflux, gastritis, H. pylori infection of the upper GI tract there can be gas formation.

Otherwise irritable bowel syndrome can be possible if the other causes are excluded.

Other causes of excess gas, diarrhea can be due to inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis etc.

When it is continuing for a few months, gastroenterologist can do colonoscopy.

As the symptoms are persisting, you should consult gastroenterologist for examination and investigations to find out the cause and treatment as it is necessary.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
I don't think the Dr. listened to my query. I told him that I had been to a GI doctor and he suggested I see a GI doctor. That isn't exactly helping.
I know that you visited gastroenterologist today.

If there is no infection, you will need upper GI endoscopy or colonoscopy to find out the cause.

These procedures are done by gastroenterologist.

If all the tests are negative irritable bowel syndrome can be possible.

Some dietary measures can help.

You can try to avoid foods like-
  • milk products,
  • sugar rich foods,
  • fatty foods,
  • gas-producing foods like beans, cabbage, radish, broccoli etc.
  • caffeine,
  • alcohol etc.
Please feel free for any follow up query.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Since I don't have pain in my stomach he did suggest that I avoid fruits with skin on them, dairy products and raw veggies.
BTW, I have a colonoscopy appointment in two weeks. Since I had my blood tests come back normal, should I be worried about polyps or cancer of the colon? I'm just so nervous and do really appreciate your help. Thanks
Yes you can try to avoid those food & see its effect.

Colonoscopy will give you the final answer but some symptoms that are more indicative of cancer like blood in stool or mass in abdomen are not there.
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